Gamespot: Square Enix: 360 FFXIII development hasn't begun

At the DK Sigma3173 Event, Square Enix made a series of announcements, including revealing the March release of a Final Fantasy XIII demo. However, those on hand were also impressed by a video shot by series designer Tetsuya Nomura which offered some raw behind-the-scenes insights into the game's development.

In the video, director Motomu Toriyama didn't beat around the bush when Nomura asked him questions about the 360 FFXIII. Starting off, he reconfirmed that, "We haven't changed the direction of the development. We're making the PS3 version first, and then porting to the 360 later." That means that since the game will be released simultaneously on both platforms in North America and Europe, the PS3 release will be held back in those territories until the 360 version is complete.

Furthermore, Toriyama also revealed that, as of July 29, his team hasn't yet received the tools needed to begin work on the Xbox 360 version of FFXIII. "I'm telling them to not think about the Xbox 360 right now," he said. "We can think about it after the development kits arrive."

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Carbide74318d ago

*nothing else left to say*

Veryangryxbot4318d ago


Youre done. Not buying your shiat.

DavidMacDougall4318d ago

Think about it when they translate all the japanese in english then finish the ps3 version there are just gonna leave it and then take 1 year trying to fit it on the xbox360 if there so money crabbing why not just release it when its done ? It makes no sense !

ChickeyCantor4318d ago

Yes miss out some nice game....only you will suffer from this.

lololololol end.

syanara4317d ago

how can anybody say it will look good on the 360? who knows it might look horrible on the 360 if they havnt started production and it might come out at a later date. i mean square enix is kinda screwing the 360 fanboys here but then again heres another thuought. MAYBE square did this FOR the ps3 to help them maybe they put it multi-console to help sony hmmm if the 360 version of XIII is soooo bad and they see how great it is on the ps3 and they love the gameplay of the game it could encourage them to get a ps3. its a smart way to go that makes square a little more playstation loyal than people think. I think its exactly what they are trying to do espically after reading this.

bpac1234567894317d ago

This is the type of sh** that i didn't want to see happen. i was a little upset when the 360 gained our exclusive (i wont lie) but after a little bit i was okay with it as long as the ps3 version wasn't held back for the 360. Now Square is holding the ps3 version until the 360 is completed, that's ridiculous, we've waited years for this game and now where going to have to wait a couple more for it to be ported to the 360. America probably won't see this game until late 2010, and that's too damn long to wait.
im done waiting for this game final fantasy versus 13 seems more interesting anyways (because of the darker setting).

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Cyrus3654318d ago

Well there you have it, The PS3 version of FF XIII i NA/Europe will be delayed till 360 version is finished. However they won't let PS3 version suffer to make things work on 360.

jamilion4318d ago

Thats doesn't make sense, if the game is done why would they hold it back? Really unfair if you ask me, we might have to wait till 2010 to get this game. I think M$ had something to do with this!

rroded4318d ago (Edited 4318d ago )

meh so they say musta been a big check to get em to delay the ps3 version for so long.

Mind you this is coming from gamespot so no real credibility

Jim Hawking4318d ago

I own both consoles, and when the game went multiplatform I didn't mind since they said that the game itself would be unaffected... But why the HELL should we have to wait for the 360 port to be done? Unless Microsoft paid them (which annoys me for different reasons) this doesn't make sense.

IzKyD13314318d ago (Edited 4318d ago )

because MS is full of a$$holes who dont mind forcing over 10 million PS3 gamers(by the time it does come out, this number will have most likely increased to 15 million) to wait just so they can release their version and not lose out on profits....see, this is why i HATE microsoft, when they're losing, they bring out the checkbook

their losing in the search engine field, they attempt to buy out yahoo, they will be losing in the video game field too, so instead, they go and buy out several third party games that shouldnt be on their platform in the first place
what else MS, wanna buy my leg too?

Bombibomb4318d ago (Edited 4318d ago )

Square-Enix just continues to disappoint me. They're forcing us PS3 owners to wait even longer now? Keep the 360 owners waiting, not us. I think we can all agree we've waited long enough.

F*ck Square-Enix and enjoy the port, 360 owners.

Cyrus3654318d ago

Because MS paid for it to come out day and date. The only way they'd accept it coming out later is if there was some SIGNIFICANT content like an expansion pack for it come out later than PS3. So they can use it as selling point.

NO one wants to play a year old game without any extra content, no matter how good it is. (See Bioshock).

meepmoopmeep4318d ago (Edited 4318d ago )

going multi didnt' anger me, Square, but now that we have to wait because of another platform has angered me.

CrazzyMan4318d ago (Edited 4318d ago )

anyway, i hope, that by summer 2009, when will be released FFXIII in Japan(just like FFX was released in summer), PS3 userbase will reach 30 mln. and that will make Square-Enix change their mind, unless M$ is still will be able to hold back 20 mln. PS3 users in USA/Europe.

TOSgamer4318d ago (Edited 4318d ago )

What other reason is there for no Japanese 360 version. Or why the PS3 Eu/NA version is being held back. Or why there is no FF 13 Vs for the 360. Or why the FF 13 team doesn't even have 360 dev kits yet. MS writing out a check for a date and day release for the Eu/NA version of FF 13 explains it all. Square Enix's bs about wanting more people to enjoy the game does not explain any of it. MS said at the 2k7 E3 that paying for exclusives was "part of the business". It came right from the horse's mouth and some of you still refuse to put 2 and 2 together. Of course the same can be said for MGS4. You can bet your ass that Sony paid to keep that game exclusive. But the fact that MS tries to buy everything in sight instead of investing in their own IPs is just a little bit more then annoying.

However, I hope this tactic comes back to bite MS in the ass. If I was a 3rd party with a big game I would announce it only for the PS3 and maybe PC. Then wait for MS to come calling with a check offer. If no check offer then 360 gets the game later. Its a dangerous trend to start feeding everyone checks. At some point 3rd parties will read this behavior, wise up and use it to their advantage.

Filanime034318d ago

1.1 main reason microsoft paid for it to have the same releases as the ps3 even if it is done on the ps3 version already. It seems microsoft just made a deal on square enix before E3 of this year because based on the information he stated that the xbox 360 kit has not arrived yet. This is the same thing happened on GTA series in which sony consoles usually have time exclusives but microsoft showed rockstar the money of worth over 50 million dollars. I also have the feeling that microsoft also paid for the time exclusive of star ocean IV it seems microsoft are serious of paying 3rd party developers instead of making their own games all they have is money nothing else. The only decent first party development franchise they have was halo series. Even that franchise are too generic microsoft lacks innovation or creativity when it comes to game developing they don't have the same innovation factor as sony or nintendo they just use the power of money to keep the xbox 360 on its place in the second place but that lead is diminishing.

sonarus4318d ago

Msoft must have paid hefty to get it to release the same time as PS3 version. Anyway thanks microsoft for the convenient delay

rhood0224318d ago (Edited 4318d ago )

How about SE delay releasing the Last Remnant until the PS3 version is done?

Oh that's right. SE is run by a bunch of double-talking b!tches.

Shadow Man4318d ago

UHH what a kick to the nuts for every sonyfan... damn!

I'm glad is coming to the 360 but it will be a long wait early 2010?

SixTwoTwo4318d ago (Edited 4318d ago )

I have officially lost interest in Final Fantasy XIII. Since they haven't even got the 360 dev kits you better believe we won't be playing this game for ATLEAST 2 more years. Anyone want to bet Versus comes out first?

@1.12... Microsoft opened up the checkbook to get FFXIII on their console. Your first statement is all the proof anyone needs.

La Chance4318d ago (Edited 4318d ago )

cant come out before FF13 because its the Versus team thats working on the 360 version of FF13.

@cartesian 3d below : wow , calm down... I would have rubbed this in your face if my only goal was to hurt ps3 fans
Why ? Just lok at the disagrees I got at 1.1.Please just have a look at post 1.1

I would have rubbed this in ps3 fans face with GREAT pleasure and make you never forget this day , but I didnt and Im not going to do it.Maybe Im not who you think I am

I said that thing for the Versus team because thats what I read here on N4G.Unless my mind is playing tricks on me Im pretty sure Square said that Versus team had moved on to FF13...I didnt know it was only a part of the team

Cartesian3D4318d ago

dude you put words together just to hurt PS3 fans ?

what are you talking about, they didnt even start working on 360 version, but YOU know which team is working or will work on 360 version?? do u have crystal ball or sth?

Versus team is working on VERSUS , just some of their staff helping XIII team to complete PS3 version ASAP (because Versus team just working on PS3 hardware) .. when XIII finished XIII team will work on 360 version ..

but its nothin to do with Versus Project, Im sure we will see Versus before XIII(Europe and US version) or atleast in the same period (early 2010)

Xandet4318d ago

I'm all for sharing the wealth that is Final Fantasy XIII, but the fact that they'll have a ready product on hold just for a simultaneous release is f*cking ridiculous. The PS3 version has obviously been in development for a hell of a long time, and not until very recently when Sqeenix got the penny pill shoved down their throat did 360 development even get considered.
Bioshock, for example, was a fantastic game that 360 owners got to experience first. Even so late, PS3 gamers are still excited for their version. The same situation would be the case for FFXIII! Gamers should not suffer the consequences of an even longer delay due to pure greed. Then again, that's exactly where the gaming industry is headed, now isn't it?

meepmoopmeep4318d ago

Cartesian3D is right. they have 2 teams working on the two XIII games. some of the Versus team is helping the completion of XIII, not the WHOLE team up and stopped dev of Versus to finish XIII.

Genesis54318d ago

Well if you read the second paragraph of this interveiw they say there will be no delay. How they will do this is anyones guess.

TOSgamer4318d ago

There will be a delay but since they didn't announce an official release date. It won't technically be a delay and they will have nothing to explain to the public. They'll just come out with some BS like localization is taking longer then we expected because the game is so robust. In other words marketing BS.

La Chance4318d ago

also proves how much the media is filled with fanboys too.Square and MSFT clearly said it was going to be a worldwide release but then we got 1000 articles trying to convince people that the 360 version was coming after the PS3 version.How many articles did we get ? There was soo much damage control.

I mean , Square and Enix DID say it would be simultanious.But journalists on gaming sites just kept on inventing theories.

The gaming media is filled with fanboys (from both sides).

Its a pity.They should let us be the fanboys and them do their job.Thats why we get strange reviews for good games , bad previews when there isnt really anything that bad etc.

Xandet4318d ago

Exactly, you nailed it man.

Megaman00254318d ago

Honestly guys, this isn't as big a deal as everyone is making it out to be. Regardless of how things were meant to be, the NA and EU PS3 versions were going to come later than Japan's anyway. We all knew that. The main development issues that have taken so long are the story, which can take a long time to perfect, and of course the game play elements and how they will be implemented. When the Japanese version is finished, thats it, it's all done. The game has been completed. When it is ported to the 360, it's not going to take a ton of extra time, other than the localization and voice acting that needs to take place for both platforms outside of Japan.
The fact that they have just received their development kits at Square isn't such a bad thing! All they have to do is port the code and implement the formula that is already set up for the game...and we all know that the process take alot less time, resources and money when developing on the 360 at this point. I'm willing to bet, we will all get to play FFXIII sooner than you guys think. We all just need to calm down a little bit. I'm guessing no later than 6 months after the Japanese version, we will see both US and EU versions on both platforms. Seriously. Square know what they are doing.

mikeslemonade4318d ago

Alright that is the last straw i'm never buying a square-enix game ever again.

juuken4317d ago Show
Hububla4317d ago

Im not gunna be one of these whiny fanboys thats states they are never gunna buy a Square game again then is standing in line for the midnight release but i do think that EVERYONE who is upset and im guessing there are millions upon millions of them should either send some hate mail to square or get a petition going... it may not do anything but it will at least let Square know that they are really really pissing off some of there hardcore fans.. couldnt hurt right?

TOSgamer4317d ago

Your outlook is very optimistic. Final Fantasy 12 demo came with Dragon Quest 8 on Nov. 2k5. The full game was released in Mid March 2k6 in Japan. Oct 31th 2k6 in the US and Feb. 23rd 2k7 in Europe. That is 7.5 months later for the US version and over 11 months later for the EU version. That is without having to worrying about porting a game over to another system. If you use the same timeline then realistically the game will release in Japan Fall 2k9. US at end of summer or fall of 2k10 and Europe in early 2k11...

Cryos4317d ago

Why do you people believe this garbage? First, it's not in quotes, so it's not from his mouth, MORE SPECULATING.

When they announced simultanious release, they're talking Americas/Europe. NOT PS3/360

Ju4317d ago

^^ so I am not the only one who understood it that way. OK.

B-Rein4317d ago

Phok you M$ we suffer cus of you

Alvadr4317d ago (Edited 4317d ago )

"That means that since the game will be released simultaneously on both platforms in North America and Europe, the PS3 release will be held back in those territories until the 360 version is complete."

Well thats just marvelous, Thank you so much M$.. We can now prolly look forward to a 2010 release.

Sarick4317d ago (Edited 4317d ago )

If your trying to defeat a smaller army that's protected inside a secure stonghold. The best strategy isn't always a direct assault. The battle will end with a unecessary casualties to your armies.

Instead make a camp outside, taking control of the local villagesand their farms. Then guard the entrances and exits to block any supplys getting through. Eventually the army inside the castle will surrender or become to weak to defend itself do to hunger.

I understand why MS would want this game to be released at the same time. If it was launched first on the PS3 then it would encourage some anxious people to purchase a PS3. It would also give that version a sales advantage and lower interest on the 360 version. A games greatest interest and demand is when it "first" launchs. If this is a timed exclusive giving the PS3 a first release the 360 would be getting a second first launch or otherwise known as sloppy seconds.

This is why they want to delay this game from getting on the PS3. By holding this game back it insures the PS3 won't get another system seller until MS is on equal footing with this game. it'll also help generate more sales from both versions of the game over the combined interest on both consoles. If both lauch at the same time both will be first.

So yea, if MS paid them to realise at the same time. It'd be to MS advantge a 360 version launched second wouldn't have the same interest as it would launching on both systems. it's already old news tryied and played out if one system got it first. It's Like killing two birds with one stone if it can be delayed.

I'm upset that this might cause a delay but realise SE has their minds made up and contracts signed. They went into this deal interested in making more money and dispite me being upset their going to make that money following through with it.

Hidden truth: PS3 is starving for more RPGS how much longer till people surrender or die of starving.

callahan094317d ago

If they really do delay the PS3 version just so they can release it simultaneously with the 360 version, I say F*CK THESE CLOWNS I won't buy their sh*t game. FF XII sucked ass anyway.

marinelife94317d ago

FU Square Enix and the horse you rode in on.

rockleex4317d ago

SE: "We want more consumers to enjoy our games so we decided to go multiplatform with FFXIII"

People: "What about Star Ocean 4?"


SE: "Anyways, we want to be fair and release FFXIII at the same time on both systems in America and Europe."

People: "What about The Last Remnant?"


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xhi44318d ago (Edited 4318d ago )

we all know that the 360 was only getting a port?

and I think we all knew about the development, that being the ps3 first then ported (maybe on multiple discs?) to the 360.

So basically the definitive version will be on the PS3.

nothing new. =D

@Carbide7 - bahahaha

Carbide74318d ago

my guess is 6-7 discs on the 360,lol
though i did have a dream that there will be a final fanasy versus/XIII, '2 blu-ray disc bundle',i wouldnt even want to count the number of DVDs,lol someone give me an estimate

4318d ago
Overr8ed4318d ago

another delay because the 360 had to steal a freaking exclusive.

Skyreno4318d ago

Damn 360 go to hellZ!!! ^^ i agree with Overr8edb another delay because the 360m why they just have to steal ??