Fallout 4 – Launch and Beyond

Mrs Nesbitt from GamersFTW writes: "Bethesda have announced today, that Fallout 4 has reached that stage where they are thinking about life after the release"

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Maple221134d ago

I think it's great that they are thinking about all this extra stuff already. Typical Bethesda though, don't do things by halves! It's going to be great.

MrsNesbitt1134d ago

I am salivating right now!

XboxOneX1134d ago

I have NEVER played a fallout game. Do you recommend playing the first ones before playing Fallout 4?


Count_Bakula1134d ago

@XboxOneX A few things, Fallout 1 and 2 are completely different games. That's when I played, respected, and loved it, but then stopped at 3 because Bethesda—lacking integrity for the franchise—took it upon themselves to change the whole damn game into a ground-up first-person game with FPS elements (Yeah, you could switch to 3rd, but like their Elder Scrolls games, designed with FP in mind). With that said, APPARENTLY Fallout 4 has revamped its combat and gameplay for both FP AND third-person, and you can play the whole game comfortably in third, or so interviews and reports have stated. I am among a tiny, tiny group of people I think that hate that FO pretty much changed their whole game and went first-person, but for the previous reasons I may finally be returning for FO4. I say all of that crap because I'm not sure what type of player you are, if you'd want to tackle FO3, Vegas, or even the top-down old-school Fallout 1 and 2. So I say keep monitoring FO4 gameplay as more videos come out leading up to release, and jump right into 4 if you like it without playing the previous ones because if what they're saying is true and 4 is the "most accessible" to the broadest pool of player types, then 4 may be fitting for you. Sorry for the rant haha; I'm still bitter about FO3.

frostypants1134d ago (Edited 1134d ago )

@XboxOneX, Fallout 3 is pretty awesome, even if some of the Fallout traditionalists didn't like it. It's basically Elder Scrolls in a post-nuclear futuristic setting and much deeper combat. That said, it will probably feel kind of old now. Maybe worth it if you can get it for cheap. I'd just wait for Fallout 4, given how close it is.

TFJWM1134d ago (Edited 1134d ago )

@XboxOneX You can easily start with 4 while you might miss some of the nods to the old fallouts each game is self contained. I'd say start with 4 if you like it then go for 3 and its expansions. 1 and 2 are totally different but the world has the same feel as 3(and I assume 4 from what Ive seen)

SolidStoner1134d ago

you all..

just learn that "war, war never changes" and your good to go to Fallout 4 :D

on serious note, F1 and F2 are still playable if you like these kind of PC games, For me personally Fallout new Vegas was the best one.. F3 also is good fun.. dont forget about fallout tactics and new Wasteland 2 which is basically fallout 1,2 and tactics combined, with even more features and stuff to do... (created by original fallout people).. yet that magic Fallout universe is still unbeaten!

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Pogmathoin1134d ago

Started Fallout 3 again..... the buzz is building for this!

psplova1134d ago

I started Fallout 3 for the first time the other day in preparation for Fallout 4, actually. I was surprised looking through my 'backlog' and found it. Sweet find indeed.. : D

ginsunuva1134d ago

Other company announces season pass: "I can't believe they're already thinking about extra stuff instead of polishing the damn game itself!"

Bethesda announces season pass: "I think it's great that they are thinking about all this extra stuff already."

ZaWarudo1134d ago

Cool about free updates like Skyrim, but not too crazy about the Season pass. I like to know what i'm buying before i pay for it.

MrsNesbitt1134d ago

That is a point, but it's inexpensive and I'm sure they'll be quality. Yes, I'm a Fallout fangirl! :P

ZaWarudo1134d ago

Yeah after thinking it through, i think i'll buy the season pass but much later after launch.
Bethesda has made some very excellent DLCs for Fallout 3 and Skyrim, so i have faith in them.

Razputin1134d ago

My fear is the paid for mods they said they were thinking about.

Not to fond of that. These season passes, and DLC, I can conform to a bit. Price isn't the problem.

The fact that you have to pay for so much extra stuff. In games like these I won't necessarily mind. But paid for mods. That I can't do.

vallencer1134d ago

They scrapped paid for mods like 2 weeks after they went live because of the backlash. That won't happen again. No one will go for it.

Pogmathoin1134d ago

Was that a Steam thing or Bethesda?

Razputin1134d ago

They did scrap it on Steam, but Bethesda themselves said they are going to look into it again.

After Fallout 4 mod kit comes out, they'll probably make that a standard. I don't know why people can even come to paying for mods.

I'm very disappointed in developers and publishers putting things behind paywalls or behind bars. Modding was and should always stay free.

Look at the sheer amount of content that Skyrim had, and they games before that. Anything on the Unreal or Quake engine had quite literally hundreds and thousands of mods.

kaizokuspy1134d ago

It will be paid mods for consoles only probably. As sony or MS have to host them and get them on the consoles somehow, that's why they probably won't be free.

vallencer1134d ago

I did not know that thanks for the link.

Honestly I wasnt too hateful about it but the only people I want to get paid are the people who spend time almost making another game/area. Someone who makes a weapons kit?? No you don't deserve money. I'm not saying it didn't take them awhile but those mods are a dime a dozen.

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vallencer1134d ago

I'm ok with buying their season passes because of the content in the original game being so hefty. Also they said if they decide to do more dlc and you have the season pass you get it for free instead of buying another season pass like some games have done. I'll probably just wait to buy it because the games going to take me forever anyway but I always end up buying their dlc anyway.

One-Shot1134d ago do that then. No one is making you buy the season pass.

psplova1134d ago

Yeah, I like the part where they say, and I'm paraphrasing, "Well, we don't know exactly WHAT we'll make for the season pass BUT it'll worth at least $40.." Makes me feel like I'd be getting a deal..

-Foxtrot1134d ago

I don't see why they don't spit ball some ideas onto a page and say out all of these ideas this is what we might do.

Maybe let people vote on what they want to see with big expansions and small.

fattyuk1134d ago

Everyones up in arms about the season pass, this is fallout and its bethesda - i cant see the dlc being some half arsed skins and the usual crap you buy!!

its all single player dlc!! its not map packs/skins/mp rubbish

TheLEGENDofTydo1132d ago

I never really knew that people bought Season passes with actually wanting to know what is in them tbh. I usually just buy it and assume it will be great and always is.

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tonmori1134d ago

Looking forward to this game so much! Glad they're thinking about the future as well as everything leading up to its release.

TheGreatGamer1134d ago

As if 100+ hours wasn't enough, great work by Bethesda cannot wait to delve into Fallout 4

MrsNesbitt1134d ago

This game is literally going to take over my life. No more work, social life or even Christmas for that matter! Me, myself and Fallout 4!

fattyuk1134d ago

"As if 100+ hours wasn't enough"

no thats not enough, i spent near on 800 on fo3 lol

Meltic1134d ago

will there be any cutscenes in this game ?

One-Shot1134d ago

Have you never played Fallout or Elder Scrolls?

Meltic1134d ago

no never hehe. Will it be or not ?

sullynathan1134d ago

The original fallouts had cutscenes

Antifan1134d ago

Cut scenes, like in Skyrim, are at a minimum. Actually, I don't remember seeing any until the end

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