Loot Ninja Review: 1942: Joint Strike

Loot Ninja writes: "I remember pumping quarters into the arcade playing the 194x series. They were by far the best top scrolling WWII shooters ever made. The game has made its way through platform after platform and we now find it in the next-gen era via Xbox Live Arcade. Is this rehash of a classic worth your MS points or should it be enjoyed on the modded Xbox you know you still have?

1942: Joint Strike knows exactly what it's about, which is refreshing for an XBLA game. The gameplay has not deviated from its winning formula and this makes the game worth playing. The updated graphics make the game look slick and the environments, which are 2D, have a great multidimensional feel to it. An example is when you fly over a volcano or a mountain. You feel like you are going to crash. The weapon upgrades are what you would expect from a shooter and you have missiles that can be used when charged as well as the inevitable super bomb that affects the entire screen."

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