Press Start: Five reasons why I was wrong about Destiny

On the cusp of The Taken King, video game columnist Jake Magee is finding new joy in Destiny.

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FunkyGoron1139d ago

Mechanics of the game are very on point. If I was someone who had never played Destiny... Destiny + Taken King + all the changes for $60 is actually a really good deal/game.

Imagine... Destiny with 3 raids, Prison of Elders, Trials, a story that spans Earth, the Moon, Mars, Venus, the Reef, and space/Saturn on the Dreadnaught (sp), not sure how many crucible maps but around 20 I believe, and a level structure not tied to RNG light levels but tied to how you play the game.

That's actually what everyone wanted last year.

ninsigma1139d ago

Yeah would have been nice to have all that last year. I'm glad I didn't buy the season pass or the expansions separately because I don't really think they were worth it. But together combined with the original game and ttk is a great package so I'm willing to jump in again.

spicelicka1139d ago

That was probably their actual plan until Activision made them fragment it to make more money.

LeoDDestroyer1139d ago

I would argue no one knew what they wanted destiny to be until they got time with it. Bungie had a vision of what they wanted to game to be. After release they used the feedback from the players to create this share vision(ours and their).

They needed our feedback to improve this game so if this was the first year of release it most likely would resemble vanilla destiny.

Ethereal1139d ago

Exactly. This is what the game should have been a year ago. Great time for those haters to try the game again, I feel like they will be surprised.

kylexile1139d ago

Yeah, I was someone that was unsatisfied by this game. I shelved it for a few months, and then some of my friends/family really got into it and I decided to pick it back up. I've been having a blast since I came back honestly, and looking at a lot of the changes they made yesterday I do believe I could recommend this game to anyone if they haven't tried it yet since you get everything with the Taken King Legendary Edition. You have to have friends to enjoy this game though. If you don't have anyone to play with, you're eventually going to tire of the grind. But with friends you'll sink a ton of hours into it.

3-4-51139d ago

Mechanics and how it feels to move,run,jump,fire gun & use abilities are all really well done.

It's just Destiny feels to limited or narrow minded in a few areas for reasons I just don't understand.

mopground1139d ago

im absolutely screwed being an early adopter. Someone whos never played destiny can get everything for 80 bucks (canadian) but if i wanted to do the same just buying the base game at launch i will have spent $160.

FunkyGoron1138d ago

Hey... I'm right there. I put around 275 hrs in to Destiny ($60) and bought the pass ($35) now I need to drop another $40 if I want The Taken King

It'd nice if Destiny gave the year one players something cool like the ability to custom your sparrow's color.

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brokenbracket1139d ago

LOLOLOL, embrace repetition. Freaking hilarious. I loved Destiny until I realized how repetitive it is, and how unrewarding it is. Once you have three characters maxed out, everything else is just soooooo repetitive.

Take it from someone who's invested over 300+hrs into this game, it's got a lot of pros, yet it also has a ton of cons. The biggest con being Bungie themselves. The amount of money they're asking their fans to dish out is ridiculous. And I'm not talking about the legendary edition with TTK included. I can sit here and compare it to this and that, others can reply with comparisons to this and that. The fact remains that there are much better games available at this time that look better, sound better, play better, etc. Mad Max, Metal Gear Solid V, Fallout 4 is about to drop, with Star Wars Battlefront coming later this year. Destiny would be a waste of time and money at this point.

WellyUK1139d ago

right coz MGSV isn't repetitive at all... Destiny isn't great but it is NO where near as bad as every seems to want you to think it is.

Hold_It1139d ago (Edited 1139d ago )

MGS V has variety in what you can do, how you can approach each situation and is the most detailed video game ever made (not just graphics but also mechanics). Destiny is a FPS. A very bad one at that. A game that bragged about a $500m budget that you can obviously tell that went to marketing only. They have sold you 10% of the game for $60 and extorted the rest of the game as DLC increments.

How is someone so stupid and so blind to defend a game that does let alone a company that promotes that kind of behavior? When a loved one in your family is in the hospital and you have to pull the plug on them are Bungie and Activision going to show up and give you tons of money to cope with their death?

No. So quit acting like you owe these terrible devs a favor. It's one thing to like a game, it's another to defend terrible company practices.

WellyUK1139d ago

No it doesn't though... You think your doing something different when really you aren't. Your just rescuing the prisoner or destroying the vehicles. I'm sorry but MGSV is good but it's hardly the most detailed game ever made, it does everything well but it doesn't push anything or innovate anywhere or do anything amazing that makes it better than any other open world games.

I'm not defending Destiny at all... It's not a great game either but it isn't as bad as everyone seems to want you to think it is. Also the $500 million is for the entire franchise not the one game. If Destiny is so bad then why does it have one of the biggest player bases and is one of the top streamed games on twitch. Hate it all you want but it's hardly the worst game ever made.

You talk about devs and publishers yet you BUY MGSV which is published by Konami who don't deserve anything either, stop being a hypocrite.

brokenbracket1138d ago (Edited 1138d ago )

I'm not saying it's the worst game ever made. I'm just saying there are better games that are available right now that I would recommend over Destiny. In the 300+ hours that I put into Destiny, I loved every second of it. But at the same time, there's so many flaws with it: the story structure, the voice acting, the graphics, the DLC structure, the loot system, etc. I could go on and on, but my point was that there's no reason to waste your money on a flawed game when there's a good handful of AAA titles out right now. And while they may also have flaws, as almost every single video game does, the things that those other games do well, they do them extremely well to the point that the pros would outweigh the cons for those said other games.

P.S.: I love the disagrees lol, only on N4G. Those fans are hardcore to the bone.

SirJoJo1139d ago

I may get down voted but what the heck its my opinion, Destiny is utter SHITE! I can't for the life of me understand why anyone likes the game, its the most boring, uninspired, repetitive and over hyped games I have ever played. I literally kept going back to it (digitally downloaded) thinking maybe i'm just not giving it enough time but no I just couldn't put myself through it, it's just shite and thats that.

LeoDDestroyer1139d ago

B/c the shite is fun. There are many games I don't like but if someone else does and their having fun then my opinions don't matter as they shouldn't. Play what you like and have fun, you don't have to understand every person thoughts and feelings on things.

GrimDragon1139d ago

I have only two huge gripes. One I think it's highly unfair that the best loot drops only in cooperative quest like crota and vog. Though understandable as those quest need a very close knit team to get through it still unfair for those of us who cannot hook up with trusted good players whether it's a clan or looking online for people looking to hook up as well it's a huge pain in the ass if you don't have a cluster of siblings and friends who play at the same time as you. At the very least let these loots drop across all quest types or make a matchmaker option for raids because truly unless I do crota like a good 20 or 30 times a day I won't ever see guns like fate bringer or thorn or even get a dam armor core and etheric like so it leaves me with absolutely no chance of having a chance. My second grip is the very very low amount of differing weapons and armor types I'd like to see a larger variety of these things instead of just a color and stat swap of the same weapon and armor. Sure exotics are out there but chances are I'll see them on everyone but me despite my best efforts to grind the only quest I have access to because I do t know enough people who play the same time as I do or even have the game. These two things piss me off because I do like this game I think it's got great lore and spot on gameplay but I always feel left out of the best parts so I can't really Maximize the enjoyment I know that can be had with this game.

Phoxel1139d ago

You might have luck finding good people to play with at

GrimDragon1139d ago

Yeah it's been hit and miss on there thx for the tip though.

ninsigma1139d ago

I want to start building up a clan of some sorts where we play the raids at the same time every week and do the weekly and daily strikes. Like you, I don't have anyone to team up with. I've only ever done the first raid and that was only once with a random group of people. I'd like to be able to do the coop side to this game properly. So if you're on ps4 and interested let me know and we could try find people in the same boat.

LeoDDestroyer1139d ago

I'm already in a clan but i will still play with people if they want to add me on ps4

psn: b4oneIsZero

GrimDragon1139d ago (Edited 1139d ago )

Uuggghhh that's another issue people on different consoles. Iam on the xbone sigma:(

Ethereal1139d ago

They have addressed those concerns with the latest update and TTK. You know don't have to run raids for the best gear and the new weapons look drastically different than the first year gear. It has been a bit of bumpy road the first year but I think Bungie is getting back on track.

ninsigma1139d ago

Aaawww damn! I wish they had cross play! I'd love if the character was tied to a bungie account so you could play on any system with the same character! Add me on xbox if ya want, it's ninsigma. I don't have many friends on there xD

Leo I'll add ya when I get home :)

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