Dinklebot vs Nolandroid - who wins?


"Destiny's year two patch is live and everything's changed. The most obvious thing of course is that Dinklebot's out and Nolandroid is in, with Nolan North replacing Peter Dinklage. We've already heard some of North's new lines before, but how do the two stack up side by side?"

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jokerisalive1133d ago

I liked Dinklage's bot voice better - this was the dumbest move on Bungie's part to replace his voice. Plenty more important other aspects they needed to focus on instead of this. Oh well thats the games industry for you - can't please everyone.

GrimDragon1133d ago (Edited 1133d ago )

I agree. I feel dinklebot had a spunky little attitude lol he hates when you call him "little". just cause he's a robot doesn't mean he can't have a personality and nolandroid is sooooo boring and sounds like a hacked version of c3p0. The lines like "can't we just stay here with the murderous robots" and "let's see what kind of trouble we can get into" just don't have the same effect when Nolandroid says it. He's not the spunky little ghost I grew to love now he's just a cold empty shell that I wish would shut up. Every time he speaks he reminds me of some little scared geeky kid in science class. He's all robot with not a single trait of personality that hints at a ghost that believes he's more than just a bot. Dinklebot brought that perfect michevious balance that north can't seem to get. Now in the deepest reaches of space I imagine my character feeling even more alone with nolanbot at her side. Where as I use to imagine witty funny banter between my character and dinklebot. I hate what they did and saddened that dinklebot is no more.

Naga1133d ago (Edited 1133d ago )

I think this comparison really just confirmed the nature of the real problem: Poor writing and directing.

thejigisup1133d ago

I'd pay for dinklebot voiceover dlc. Not much but I'd pay.

Menkyo1133d ago (Edited 1133d ago )

Your the only person Ive heard in a year refer to dinklebot as "spunky" dinklebot had as much personality as a rock. Nolans work in a few places has been worse "we've woken the hive" comes to mind but over all its much better.

One-Shot1133d ago

Considering they wouldn't be able to get Peter for any of the DLC really it was quite a smart move actually. Unless you liked the Ghost being silent all the time after the main campaign.

Razputin1133d ago

Why is this? That they can't/couldn't get him for the DLC?

I'm fairly upset that they did this. I had no problem with Dinklebot. After watching this video it puts me off that they changed to North.

Dinklage was never the problem with this game, and mind you I just got into Destiny again in the past 2 months.

Menkyo1133d ago

You mean besides everyone hated his voice over work and he wasnt available for additional work ?

TheJacksonRGN1133d ago

How is it the dumbest move when his schedule makes it difficult for them to get him to do VO for the new content?

ShadowKing-1133d ago (Edited 1133d ago )

i not gonna lie, everyone should by now know the line "we've awoken the hive" i did that mission yesterday and instead of ghost sounding like oh shit. sounds like when nolan says he surprised that we have awoken the hive. idk maybe because we are so used to dinklebot but should have least tryed to sound the same as it was or maybe that what they were trying to get across. right now i just having hard time getting used to nolanbot, hopefully hes is much better in taken king content.

pompombrum1133d ago

Nolan sounds so softly spoken and almost like a sort of 80s parody of Dinklebot. From a creative standpoint, it just seems off especially seeing how they erased Marty from the game and replaced most of his music with stuff which has a slightly darker tone to it.

Dlacy13g1133d ago

Dinklage...the Dinklbot is better than Northbot.

343_Guilty_Spark1133d ago

Dinklebot has a much richer voice. I like Peter better. Nolan sounds good but he lacks soul.

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