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AG from EGMR writes: "Mad Max is an utterly absurd and moronic game without ever realising this. It takes itself far too seriously and generally leaves the player perplexed as to whether the game wants them to have fun or not. While combat - vehicular and melee - is great, players are forced into situations which sap away the fun and turn both into humdrum affairs of tedium and frustration. Mad Max is a mess with its unique elements and utterly generic to the point of being banal in other aspects. It is possible to have fun but the game tries its damnedest to prevent that with restrictive story missions that are at an utter disconnect with the rest of the game. There is nothing for you here."

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noksucow731136d ago

I'm liking the game so far. I think Avalanche Studios is a very good developer and it's showing so far. To each his own I guess.

dumahim1135d ago

Yeah, I have 22 hours in so far, and I'm still enjoying it. Sure it may be repetitive, but if blowing stuff up and beating the utter crap out of bad guys is worth a low score, then I must be a pretty easily entertained fel.... Oh shiny!

Thefreeman0121136d ago

I respect peoples opinions, however I dont believe that this game is worth that low. Yes It has rinse and repeat missions. Yes the fighting is simplistic. I would say 65-70 would be a much more appropriate score. its not seriously flawed or broken.

kaizokuspy1136d ago

I agree, outside the story and knowing nothing about mad max in general, from watching about 4 hrs of gameplay through shareplay, I'd give it a solid 7.0, its definitely worth a look if you just want to make smash smash kill kill

LordMaim1136d ago

I also respect people's opinions.

I also have an opinion.

This review is wrong.

shloobmm31135d ago

Its basically the exact same system in Batman. Everyone lauds batman's combat but knocks this one. The game is fantastic.

Kingdomcome2471135d ago

I'm loving this game, but Batman's combat system was far more intricate.

morganfell1135d ago

And Mad Max's fighting system is far more brutal and satisfying.

ChickenOfTheCaveMan1135d ago

I have not played the game yet so I wouldn't be able to tell if the reviewer is right, but one thing is for sure gaming critics love to bash movie tied games, and movie critics love to bash video games inspired movies (though they might be right so far).

In both cases, you can sense their joy when one's coming out, they empty their hate jar in the form of an article. 6s become 3s, 4s become 1s.

morganfell1135d ago

What the fighting lacks in complexity it makes up for in sheer brutality.

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Seafort1136d ago

94% positive user reviews of 5466 on steam for Mad Max.

I take these so-called professional reviewers opinions with a grain of salt these days. They aren't worth the words written for most reviews.

IMO Mad Max is an outstanding game and well worth the money.

Kal-V31136d ago (Edited 1136d ago )

This is exactly why reviews don't matter. What makes the opinions of those 94% of people any less valid than this reviewer? Cuz they don't have a website? If anything, there are people there that are far more qualified to review games than this guy.

I haven't listened to reviews in ages and I've enjoyed gaming ALOT more as a result because i get to judge games on their own merits, not on hype or some stranger's opinion.

shloobmm31135d ago

Probably because they actually played thru the game. Something i imagine a lot of these reviewers don't actually do anymore.

CrowbaitBob1135d ago

I started this gen off with an unusually positive mindset and I've really enjoyed pretty much everything I've played on Xbox One and PS4. Especially the games that seem to get so much hate. I'm really glad I've tried games out for myself rather than buying into the negativity.

_LarZen_1136d ago

Fail review. Move along.

SmokingMonkey1136d ago


I'm loving it, this is my favorite type of gameplay and plot.

Surviving Post-Apocalyptic, or in the case of the GOAT;


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