1UP: Top 5 Worst Dressed Videogame Characters

Bob Mackey from 1UP writes:

"With our closets and dressers full of moth-eaten promotional T-shirts, we gamers aren't exactly the best-dressed people on the planet. It's easy to place the blame for our inherent lack of style on some genetic abnormality, but the sad truth is that -- like so many former child stars -- we're simply the product of bad role models. Taking a look at the world of fashion as it exists in videogames reveals a collection of appalling apparel that any normal human would get savagely beaten for wearing in public. And it's the cosplayers among us that are hurt the most.

The following culprits are proof of our victimhood, and they are also reminders that the human race has learned nothing about fashion since the 1980s and should be punished. The weak of stomach disgusted by the combination of socks and sandals may need parental guidance."

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Deviant4318d ago

dont care what other ppl think ...tidus was tight :D

meepmoopmeep4317d ago

yeah, Vaan should be on the front pic.
Tidus was alright. he needs a better tailor though.

incogneato4317d ago (Edited 4317d ago )

Tidus was one of the gayest game characters ever created.

Anyway, before clicking the link I'm going to guess that they are all Square-Enix characters. And if they're not, then this list is wrong.

There is no one who can design more ridiculous characters than the emo weirdos with a million belts and zippers that Square-Enix creates.

I mean just look at this guy:

Tacki4317d ago

Holy crap, his sword looks like it's in the shape of Batman's motorcycle! lol

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LeonSKennedy4Life4317d ago

and Fran from FFXII wins best dressed.

meepmoopmeep4317d ago

fran is the hottest bunny... watch out Playboy!

lib94317d ago

when whoever puts up the "news" decides to put the #1 next to their articles, I mean, a writer doesnt put thee endings for their book next to the intro.

Genki4317d ago

did you really care THAT much about such a thing? It's not a plot line for goodness's just a list.

n00bzRtehgey4317d ago

lmfao Tidus. what an emo. he was emo before emo became emo. u know that's bad.

kindi_boy4317d ago

how is #4 is in #4 instead of #1 is beyond me

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