Volume | Start Replay Review

Josh from SR writes, "I stick to the walls like tree sap, hugging the colourful digital blocks that guide me through a maze of tight corridors. Dotted around me are a string of white gems, and once I’ve collected them, my exit will open and I’ll be able to escape. There’s only one thing stopping me: a soldier on patrol, scanning for me with his wide range of vision. My artificially intelligent buddy, Allen, cracks few jokes and gives me advice on how to proceed.

I whistle to distract the guard and he turns his back, whilst I run in a crouched position to my now-white, beaming exit. I’ve finished on a personal best, but there are still people on the online leaderboard that are way better than me.

This is Volume and it brings stealth back to the basics in a simple, fun and humorous way."

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