Leo’s Fortune – HD Edition Launches on PlayStation 4, PC and Mac

1337 & Senri and publishing partner Tilting Point have released the acclaimed adventure platformer Leo’s Fortune – HD Edition for the PlayStation 4 , Windows PC and Mac computers.

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MercilessDMercer1133d ago

Seems like a lot of effort to port a game that isn't going to get played...

GrapesOfRaf1132d ago

Kinda seems like Sonic meets Rayman. They did a great job of improving it visually too, this looks really pretty.

madcowzz1132d ago

I remember getting this game on my iPhone and it being the prettiest handheld game I've ever seen. I'll definitely be getting this again eventually cause it was also a lot of fun to play, I'm very excited to see it in action in full HD on the big screen