Xbox One Turns One Year Old In Japan; it Sold 54,813 Units in 12 Months

The latest media create numbers, added to historical data gathered by DualShockers, gives the total sales of Xbox One in Japan in its first full year on the shelves.

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the-dragons-bane1138d ago (Edited 1138d ago )

Holy crap that's horrible and funny at the same time XD

GribbleGrunger1138d ago (Edited 1138d ago )

And 24k of those were sold on launch day ...

littlezizu1138d ago (Edited 1138d ago )

Total X1 sales in japan is less than last week PS4 sales(mg5 launch sales)in japan.

Eonjay1138d ago

To most people, it seems pointless, but I think they are only there to keep the developers in Japan from going completely PS exclusive. There has to be a strategy.

Dlacy13g1138d ago

And does anyone still wonder why MS doesn't really support Japan in a meaningful way?

Relientk771138d ago

Wait seriously? Lol

That's close to half

suckingeggs1138d ago

That's less than the 360 in the same timespan

Damn this is sad.. Hopefully fable can push some consoles

Septic1138d ago

Thats 54k more than I was expecting!

I wonder how many of them are foreign nationals or expats buying them? I reckon it could be a sizeable majority.

Still remember that video of the interviewer asking a kid about the Xbox and the kids reply was, "Whats Xbox?".


1138d ago
bouzebbal1138d ago

happy sad birthday Xbox one.

kickerz1138d ago

Those Japanese don't know what there missin.

GribbleGrunger1138d ago (Edited 1138d ago )


Well, for January, February, March, April, May, June and July, they missed nothing because there WAS nothing.

freshslicepizza1137d ago

china probably bought more, just goes to show how different the japanese market is.

Bathyj1137d ago

@ abzdiine
For some reason you just made me think of Moe sticking is head in an oven.

kickerz1137d ago

Yet I seem to be playing my Xbox one for hours everyday. Go figure.

CrazedFiend1137d ago

So what percentage of that number over there do you think was bought by Microsoft employees?

Inzo1137d ago

@ kickerz

We wont hold that against you.

chrisco84au1137d ago (Edited 1137d ago )

Serious question if anyone knows or has a link with solid data.

Is this more or less than the first year of the 360?
Just wondering, if it's more, well they have improved, which while the numbers are dismal and that's being nice, if it's an improvement, it's a step in the right direction. Obviously, if it's less, the opposite is true.

This is not about some fanboy my console sold more/is better war. There are bigger things to consider.

Either way, as much as people downplay this, Japan IS an important market, MANY of the very best devs are Japanese, this just leads to more exclusives for the PS4 and 3DS.

It is a big deal as publishers will be very hesitant to publish a game on a console with 55k sold in a year in their home country, that's simple to understand and it's a loss to the XBOX brand. Many of these games are not 'niche' as is used as excuse over and over, they are quality games that if given the chance would be enjoyed by all gamers, regardless of the system.

MGSV is devolved by a Japanese company, I highly doubt the day will come when a game so broad and popular is made exclusive for these reasons, but there is always the possibility. If it ever comes to that, it's a dark day in gaming, not the end of the world but there are consequences that fanboys would rather gloss over than consider and look at in a mature manner.

Just my thoughts.

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Pogmathoin1138d ago ShowReplies(16)
1138d ago
SpaceRanger1138d ago

The fact that the PSTV (which is a great micro-console), or even a Nintendo handheld that came out in Feb. 2011 is outselling the Xbox One is red flag that MS should consider their relevance in Japan.

TheTwelve1138d ago

How Xbox appears is huge to Microsoft. I remember they stated they named their console "360" rather than "2" because they didn't want it to appear in any way less than the "3" in "PS3".

Such pride won't allow them to leave Japan --- it'll just look really bad for them and take away their intent to keep the X1 as an actual and equal competitor to PS4.

So I don't think X1 will ever leave Japan.

TheUndertaker851138d ago

The WiiU is outselling the Xbox One every week in Japan. That in itself should be a much larger message.

medman1138d ago (Edited 1138d ago )

Japanese comedians bring the xbox one up on stage when their jokes are tanking and they need to get a laugh from the audience.......

WilliamSheridan1137d ago

You know, that made me think. I don't think the Japanese have comedians. All of their comedy is upskirt, perverted or just a guy getting hit in the balls.

user99502791138d ago ShowReplies(2)
thejigisup1138d ago

Well.... It is at least, OVER 9,000!!!!

triple_c1138d ago (Edited 1138d ago )

Lol it's funny but not surprising. Xbox consoles have that stigma of being the pro-american, dudebro shooter box. That is the main reason the Xbox brand mainly does well in NA but does pretty poorly in places like Japan and other territories compared to other consoles.

lxeasy1138d ago

I think dualshockers is the only website that reports how Xbox does in Japan lol Not sure why we already know it does terrible over there.

G20WLY1138d ago

Media Create?

Not sure what difference it makes who reports it though, since the numbers are not being disputed. You're right that we knew it was doing badly over there, but this really illustrates how badly.

TheTwelve1138d ago

A small factory can make that many Xboxen in a month

Magicite1138d ago

PS4 sold last week 54k in Japan. X1 sold 54k in a year.
Now thats a coincidence!

blackblades1138d ago

The graph shows a flatline, let's give it a time of death.

supergravity1138d ago

Happy Birthday indeed! 'bane how about that last part? When I saw this part of their tweet "Thank you for your future support" I LMFAO, it kinda hurt a little. Future support...

Haru1138d ago

Seems fair Xbox gamers dont care about japanese games so why should the japanese care for xbox? Xbox is a niche console in japan just like how all all xbox gamers say that jrpgs are niche titles

shmowboyfebop1137d ago

Last generation I made sure to have a 360 for Lost Odyssey.

Tsar4ever011138d ago

Let's see Gamingbolt put out an article and try to exploit THIS? LOL!

kenshiro1001137d ago (Edited 1137d ago )

Yea, I just chuckled when I read that. Ouch.

XanderZane1137d ago

Yeah, it's not good. Last gen they sold 1.6 million XBox 360, which is the most any US produced game console has ever sold in that country. I think Microsoft killed themselves with that price and the terrible reveal. Unlike last gen, Microsoft didn't get many Japanese developers on board early. So there really wasn't many Japanese type games to play on the XB1 for the first year. Doesn't help that Japanese gamers have moved on to mostly handhelds and mobil gaming. The PS4 probably isn't selling better then the PS3 either I bet. Seems the XB1 is doing better in Hong Kong and China. They may want to just stick to those Asian countries.

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sammarshall1021138d ago (Edited 1138d ago )

Their loss :)

LostDjinn1138d ago (Edited 1138d ago )

Agreed. Microsoft must have lost a lot. Well pointed out.

Edit: Just a thought, but are there any/many Japanese games on the 'bone to give them a reason to buy the hardware?

sammarshall1021138d ago

I was being silly but they're missing out on some great games on Xbox One but I'm aware they are more into anime and Rpg games

Concertoine1138d ago

Even if there were they wouldnt buy it. Last gen they had Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey, DOA 4, Ridge Racer, Lost Planet, Monster Hunter, Dead Rising, and a ton of visual novels and bullet hell games out within the first few years and the Japanese still didn't bite.

Some of the Japanese exclusive stuff on 360 (mostly bullet hell) is actually really good, so its sad we wont see that return.

DarXyde1138d ago (Edited 1138d ago )

You can probably blame Tales of Vesperia for that. People bought the Xbox 360 just to play it, believing it was a lifetime exclusive.

As you can guess, Japanese gamers were a few leagues away from "okay with that". One guy I believe snapped his disc and set it on fire after the PlayStation 3 announcement.

That aside, those numbers are terrible. Japanese gamers have not really taken a big shine to console gaming this time around. Could change with NX and Morpheus though. Regardless, if PS4 and Wii U could be doing better, there's literally no hope for Xbox One in Japan.

Not a bad console, but it defies so many conventional tenets of Japanese consumerism: it's large, it's Microsoft, it does nothing for their economy, it has zero handhelds to offer some incentive to link up, it has an embarrassing level of Japanese developer support in the east (perpetuated by their indifference) and it's overall weaker than a platform that is smaller, has Japanese support, has a handheld companion loaded with games for them, and perhaps even a controller better suited to their ergonomics.

Magicite1138d ago

MS has nothing to offer to Japanese besides Windows.

nitus101137d ago

You mean the Windows you have in buildings? I did not know that Microsoft was into glazing, well colour me surprised. :-)

ZaWarudo1138d ago

omg that Equilibrium gif in the comment section. rofl

FoxyGotGame1137d ago (Edited 1137d ago )

MS only (life) support Xbox One in Japan so that the Console is seen as a Global product. It's extremely stubborn and foolish to keep push the Xbox brand in that Region.

MS can still hire/contract Japanese Devs without having a presence in Japan. They need to exit that market as fast as possible. Not worth even the Marketing Spend. Man, 54k units in 1 year is diabolical /

SaveFerris1137d ago

I think both you and @Eonjay have it right. Though you could possibly argue that MS could pull their Xbox division from the Asian region for the same reasons.

JMaine5181138d ago

Yikes. They have to be making something if they are still in th market over there. Wow.

raWfodog1138d ago

My thoughts also. From this side of my keyboard, it seems a simple thing for MS to fund an exclusive JRPG (much like Lost Odyssey) that would appeal to the wider Japanese audience. Maybe they have something in the works because I doubt the typical Japanese gamer would be enticed by XB1's current offerings.

If they don't have anything in the works, then I'm at a loss to understand why they don't. I'm sure they'd be able to entice some Japanese developers with cash to develop something. Hell, I'd be trying to woo Kojima if I was in charge.

nitus101137d ago

Well they have Scalebound as an exclusive for next year that will most likely sell some XB1's, but then again how many people purchase a console just to play one game.