Bayonetta 2 has never been this cheap before

Dealspwn: Bayonetta 2 is taking a while to come down, but this deal is the lowest I've seen it in a while. I'm pretty tempted to nab it at this price for when I do eventually get round to buying a Wii U.

Bayonetta 2 is considered to be the best melee action title in years, probably the best since well, the first Bayonetta. So if you're a new Wii U owner, this should probably be your first stop. Sure the story's pants and Bayonetta looks way too much like Sarah Palin, but the combotastic gameplay is amongst the best the genre's seen.

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zielocz3k1228d ago

my GOTY 2014, great game

YosefH641228d ago

Yea. Bayo 2 with the first game included was a crazy good deal.

Pookandpie1228d ago

I don't even understand why you're being downvoted

People on this site don't like it when you buy a sequel and get its predecessor for the same price as a new game sequel by itself? What?

antikbaka1228d ago

the only thing that dissapointed me in Bayonetta 2 was while/after credit animation. it's nowhere near with cool "let's dance boys" from bayo 1

higgins781228d ago (Edited 1228d ago )

I'm sorry. If people are prepared to pay £40, £50 and sometimes £60 for the 6 monthly 'update' of a popular franchise, no reason why Bayonetta 2 shouldn't warrant equal billing. Fact is, no price cut will not convince the majority to buy Bayonetta 2, for that would mean buying a Wii U - and when all the 'cool' kids have PS4/XB1's...

Edit. Those who believe this game bombed (sales) and should have been released on PS4and/or XB1, I would like to remind them Bayo 1 sold poorly when available on both PS3 AND 360.

Knushwood Butt1228d ago

Bayonetta 1 sold over 2mil including both platforms as a new IP, and Bayonetta 2 sold 760K

Pookandpie1228d ago

It sold 2 million on two separate platforms that had a much larger install base on the Wii U at the time of its release.

I mean, 760k on an install base of 7-8 million is actually quite a high penetration rate.

wonderfulmonkeyman1227d ago

To add to what pook said, Bay may have been a new IP, but it most certainly wasn't the only one of its kind on the systems.
Devil May Cry had already introduced gamers to that kind of frantic combo-based hack&slash action, so Bay 1 had an easier time selling to those systems because the fan base for a similar style of game was already there to fall back on.

Yet they only sold 2M across the two, and it took quite a while to do it.

Meanwhile, Wii U had almost literally nothing like Bayonetta 2 on it, and far fewer to sell to, yet it eclipsed the week 1 sales of the original, and although it slowed down since then due to not having as many to sell to, it's still selling so long after its initial release, and is going to eventually hit 900K, if not 1M, by the time the Wii U is done.

To top that off, it still managed to get those sales despite active boycott campaigns against it early in its life, from haters claiming to be fans, who slammed the game solely due to their allegiance to other systems and the fact that it wasn't a multiplat.
Despite the fact that Nintendo saved it, when no one else out of the other big names wanted to fund it.

No matter how you spin this, Butt, Bay 2 is an under-dog success story.

Knushwood Butt1227d ago

Just pointing out the figures reported on a certain web site.

bangoskank1228d ago

Excellent game. Totally worth the price if you didn't pick this one up already.

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