ZTGD | Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition Review

Ken McKown writes: The toys-to-life genre is becoming more and more crowded each year. I have an abundance of plastic action figures that work in various games across several platforms, both on shelves and in storage. It is becoming a problem. However, only one game has ever enthralled me enough to actually play the games with any sense of excitement, and that is Skylanders. Above it all I still want a great-playing game, and while Disney Infinity has always had the best toys and characters, the games were never really at that level. Disney Infinity 3.0 changes everything. It is finally on par with the best in the business, and it has the properties I care about to boot. Now if only I had more shelf space for these rad toys to show how grown up I am.

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higgins781161d ago

It isn't 'dark', increasing difficult, age restrictive or violent, so what's the point - said the self-proclaimed 'hardcore' gamer. I hope it runs at 1080p with all the visual extras turned up to the max at least. Hang on a sec. I forgot, gaming shouldn't be the sole accesses of the angry adolescent.