Media Create sales (8/31 - 9/6)

This week's Japanese sales include a big PS4 bump and Metal Gear Solid V's debut.

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Neonridr1135d ago

Good bump for the PS4. We all knew this game was gonna move some PS4's over there, that's for sure.

The rest of the list is status quo.

Geobros1135d ago

So....about 450,000 total sales for MGS V for all platforms. Impressive even if Dragon Quest had better sales last week for one only console.

MasterCornholio1135d ago

Don't you mean PlayStation platforms?

I can't find the sales for the XB1 version of MGSV nor can I find the sales for the PC version.

benji1011135d ago

Your math is really bad. It is more like 350K, which is really depressing considering that MGS5 is maybe one of the best games ever made. And the PS4 bump is also very depressing only 30K up for one of the most important Japanese games.. This was tragic for a great game and sony in Japan.

Geobros1135d ago

I didn't even saw those numbers. I was speaking about Famitsu numbers which are very different this time. According to famitsu the game has sold about 100,000 more:

benji1011134d ago

OK saw the Famitsu numbers. Much better for the game still surprised the PS4 did not get more sales.
Hope for the sake of big scale Japanese games MGs has legs.

Leaguer1135d ago Show
MasterCornholio1135d ago

That PS4 bump though.

I guess retailers weren't kidding when they said MGSV would sell a lot of PS4s.

1135d ago
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