This week’s PlayStation Store discounts: The Witcher 3, GTA, Battlefield, more

Playstation Europe:
Another week, another batch of discounts on PlayStation Store, and we’ve got some tempting price cuts for you starting today. First up, our deal of the week is phenomenal open world action RPG The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Beyond that, plug any gaps in your Rockstar collection with discounts on the GTA, Max Payne and Midnight Club series, among others. And then look out for deals on a range of digital titles, including The Escapists, Rogue Legacy, Valiant Hearts and Sportsfriends.

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Yi-Long1134d ago

Another week, another extremely disappointing EU PS Store 'sale'.

Absolutely terrible prices.

Mr-Dude1134d ago

Jeez, could it be any more depressing? Price of witcher is now reduced to normal retail price, and it's a disgrace that download prices are more expensive than retail.

Well maybe next time

Yi-Long1134d ago

Yep, I bought The Witcher 3 on the day of release for 47 or 48 euro here in a local store. It's just crazy that Sony Europe considers these prices as 'sales'.

Sony USA seems to offer much MUCH better sales. I guess I'll start buying my games from the American PS Store from now on.

TheColbertinator1134d ago

Totally recommended. Sometimes decent games are at rock bottom prices

_-EDMIX-_1134d ago

Agreed, yet some folks wanted an all digital method of distribution.....depressing indeed.

Its why yo boy stay with the physical format!

paul-p19881134d ago

Hopefully we will get a 20th Anniversary sale at the end of the month (someone on that post said the 29th it released in Europe, so hopefully then?) but as with most of our sales they are just poor compared to the American prices...

Ciporta19801134d ago

And this just sums up the UK. And why I cancelled my £39.99 the taken king EXPANSION and bought metal gear solid v FULL GAME for £39.99 instead. Digital wise we get ripped off for 95% of stuff in the UK.

Ciporta19801134d ago

Surprised I didn't get disagrees coz its probably more like 100% than 95% lol

CDbiggen1134d ago

We sure do; MGSV was £60 on the ps store.

Ciporta19801133d ago

Yeah I saw that. I paid £40 for a retail copy and its £20 more for digital, that's shocking.

M4DE_IN_W4LE51134d ago (Edited 1134d ago )

And this is just the tip of the iceberg if consoles go 'digital only' . They will have you by the balls . How can they justify the high prices when they have none of the overheads of a physical version and it still costs more. It can only be greed

ninsigma1134d ago

Yeah it's really sucky. Console games prices in general just suck. There's no reason for them to be so expensive. PC games manage to be well below console game prices, how is that?? I understand some extra price because there's shipping and packaging (for retail version) and Sony/MS/Nintendo takes a cut and gamestop/GAME etc takes a cut. But the digital console games don't have shipping or packaging costs and there's no retailer to take a cut, only the platform holders. No reason for them to be so pricey. Though I did see the nathan drake collection is 15 euro cheaper than it is in gamestop so maybe that's a sign of things to come??

Kribwalker1134d ago

Sometimes they have fantastic digital sales. I bought lords of the fallen for $10 when they had put it up on sale by accident. And I got the whole Game of Thrones season one for $5 when they accidently offered it at that price.

So maybe it's just when they make mistakes they have really good deals

Emme1133d ago

By then we will be mature enough to just say "No". Its only games.

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