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Digital Foundry:
The PC version of Mad Max may only deliver a relatively minor graphical upgrade over the console versions at 1080p, but the ability to run the game at 60fps provides a definite edge where gameplay is concerned. 1080p60 is easy to achieve on higher-end systems with room to breathe in terms of upwards scalability to 1440p and beyond. For those with lower-end hardware the game offers up plenty of adjustable settings ranging from texture quality and geometry complexity, to lighting and post-processing - allowing for plenty of scalability in order to achieve 30fps and 60fps on broad range of configurations. Mad Max appears well-optimised on PC and getting a satisfyingly playable experience with a good level of graphical quality should be easily achievable on most gaming-orientated PC set-ups.

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Shinuz1137d ago

This game is clearly really well optimised, i'm getting an average of 130fps on my old i5 760 with a gtx 970 at 1080p with everything at max except aa.

Aggesan1137d ago

I have a i5 760 also, but with an old AMD 6870. Is it worth it getting a better GPU without upgrading the CPU, or does it bottleneck alot?

Shinuz1137d ago

I was thinking of changing my cpu for one of the newer from intel but after seeing the benchmarks I decided to keep my cpu for another year or two.

If you can I would suggest maybe overclock yours (mine is at 3.6ghz) and it'll be enough for any games currently out.

HaydenJameSmith1137d ago (Edited 1137d ago )

So PS4 and X1 are identical. No need for the "who won" nonsense...

Oh I know, it is N4G afterall

ritchi451137d ago

Exactly. But unfortunately not everyone will shame that sentiment.

343_Guilty_Spark1137d ago

The PC version looks great as well as the others. Modest upgrade over the consoles. The Xbox One cersion and PS4 version look identical but the X1 performs slightly better.

MasterCornholio1137d ago (Edited 1137d ago )

On rare occasions does it perform better which is what they said. They also said that the framerate difference is so many that you wouldn't notice it.

It really doesn't matter which console version you get since they are practically the same. However if you can play this game at 60FPS on PC its worth choosing that over the console versions.

That's the way it is.

"Both PS4 and Xbox One successfully delivered a locked 30fps update for prolonged durations, and for the most part dips in frame-rate are limited to minor one or two frame drops that have no tangible impact on gameplay. "

Volkama1137d ago

It's a rare win man!

Paint yourself green and join the party, the Xbox fans have saved up a lot of supplies waiting for the illusive favourable comparison :)

Volkama1137d ago

Also, even if you can only play the game at 30fps on PC it's probably the one to get. On account of the ~£11 price tag.

shloobmm31137d ago

Its not a rare win actually. The x1 runs better in almost every third party game that came out in the last year while normally having better shadows and a much better anistropic filtering.

MasterCornholio1137d ago


That just isn't true. As for the AF that's been fixed in the majority of games.

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Foehammer1137d ago (Edited 1137d ago )

Great to see the developers getting each version to the 1080p mark with a solid frame rate.

Hope to see the performance go up a notch with the implementation of DX12.

Then they can concentrate on bringing the additional features of Cloud Compute, like the destruction in Crackdown.or volumetric fog, and more NPC with better AI.

shloobmm31137d ago

Im about 20 hours in and the game looks fantastic. They did a hell of a job and i love using the ingame capture mode to snap awesome pics.

Macosan1137d ago

The other big difference between these version is price. $19.99 on PC as opposed to $59.99 on console.

brokenbracket1137d ago

That's pretty much the main reason why I love this game so much hahaha. It's the best 19 bucks I've ever spent in my life on a video game.

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