The Xbox One Is “Literally a Windows Device,” Microsoft Hopes People Will Love it

Microsoft is trying its hardest to push Windows 10 to the market, aiming to have Windows 10 running in one billion devices in two years. We already know that the Xbox One runs its own version of Windows, and apparently the software giant from Redmond considers the console a fully integrated part of that objective, as mentioned by Chief Marketing Officer Chris Capossela during a talk at Citi Global Technology Conference.

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Fro_xoxo1161d ago

Looking forward to the UI update this fall...

ah :)

so much goodness in store.

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mark_parch1161d ago

I've been telling people this for ages. when people compare exclusives and they say "that's not an exclusive because it's on pc" well xbox one and pc are both windows 10 platforms. I know you can push graphics loads further on a high end pc I just chose to go with xbox one over pc as it is more cost effective and convenient for me.

AntiZeal0t1161d ago

PC'S are amazing, but you're right, what those elitists don't understand is the convenience of a console. I'd love to drop a bunch of money on a really nice rig, but it's just not practical for me. Besides, I'd miss out on all the console exclusives.

frostypants1161d ago (Edited 1161d ago )

They are still separate platforms. Do PC games work on the Xbox or vice-versa? Nope. If that day comes, your argument will have merit.

dirkdady1161d ago

Windows is the operating platform you have to look at the distribution platform like Steam, Origin or the now defunct Games for windows (now windows store).

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