Atlus Announced A Persona Special Stage For Tokyo Game Show 2015

Atlus announced that they’ll have a “Persona Special Stage” event at this year’s Tokyo Game Show on September 19th from 2:30pm to 3:30pm JST.

The stage event will feature some popular talents behind the Persona series like vocalist Yumi Kawamura, Lotus Juice, Shihoko Hirata, DJ WAKA and many others, who’ll be there to perform live music.

Additionally, there will be a live talk show featuring Persona Stalker Club’s hosts Mafia Kajita and Tomomi Isomura. More details for the event will be announced in the near future.

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JMaine5181138d ago

Persona 5 stuff! Yay! This has to be release dates!

jon_snow1138d ago

It's release in December and massive boost ps4 holiday sales worldwide.
One of the best RPG series. Can't wait.

Gemmol1138d ago

More interested in what Atlas have for Wii U with the Shin Megami X Fire persona look just okay, but maybe the reason it look just okay because they holding back footage, but we will see

Revengeance1138d ago

Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem looks terrible IMO. Represents almost nothing of either side.

Gemmol1137d ago

if i wasnt lazy I would post this video that did a great break down of the video to show your comment is wrong, but im lazy, and I know you only target me because I prefer the other atlus game, so I do not mind letting you win, if it makes you feel better.....but if you really wanted to know how you wrong, just youtube a break down of the footage that was shown....ign version was no good

Revengeance1137d ago

Letting me win? It's called an opinion. You should update your vocabulary on that.

Shin Megami Tensei darker tones is nowhere to be found. Fire Emblem is mainly represented by transformations. This is not what a lot of people had envisioned the game to be.

Gemmol1136d ago

What you just said it's precisely why I'm more interested because it's not as dark, and I dnt know I find persona games a little more darker than shin Megami games, so I think u wrong on it needing to be dark, so glad it's not dark, or maybe Nintendo fooling me and they got something up their hands and later on it get darker, but I will know in December since it come out in December for Japan. And yeah, letting you win in thinking it do not resembles anything when the trailer had a lot of information this why I said I'm lazy to look and post a break down video, so I'm letting you win in being a fool or whatever word that it do not represent anything from either game. There's a ton of info tho in the trailer tho, I wish it came out this year in America but I won't have enough time with xenoblade, devil third, and ps4 games like nba 2k16 and etc, so I would not have time for it.

Relientk771138d ago

Sweet hopefully Persona 5 coming out this year

CaptainSheep1138d ago

They confirmed some time ago the game's still set to be released this year. This TGS show has got to be the platform for announcing the release date

Summons751138d ago

That's what they said and it was believable earlier this year but with how booked the rest of this year is with major titles and how few months are left, I kinda doubt it will be out this year.

Though if it does I will be at the store the second they announce a release date

raWfodog1138d ago

@ Summons75

Things can definitely change but it seems they're pretty confident it will be out this year:

"According to a recent interview with God Is A Geek, "Persona 5's" Atlus development team upholds its 2015 arrival plans. In fact, John Hardin of Atlus U.S. confirmed that not only would Japan see a finished product this year, but North America and Europe will as well. To quote the man directly, "the only thing I can confirm for 'Persona 5' is 2015." The quote was made in reference to Europe specifically, but North America has historically received most Atlus projects before that region."

MegaRay1138d ago

All I need is a worldwide release date and am gonna love Atlus forever.

Imalwaysright1138d ago

Is it going to be released in Europe?

poppinslops1138d ago

Yes, but only on PS4 - ALLEGEDLY... at least that's what I was told (by one of N4G's 'oracles'), though I can't imagine the devs would screw PS3 owners over when the game was originally announced for that system.

VsAssassin1138d ago

Persona 5 release date for sure. I just hope it's a simultaneous release. Food for thought: Would some of you guys consider a P4: Golden port to the PS4? I know I would - I missed the original on the PS2 and I don't have a Vita.

jon_snow1138d ago

Buy vita tv (30$) and P4 Golden(20$), so your spending less than 60$ retail game. So highly recommend this option till p5 lands. Though story are not connected so you won't miss anything but p4 is masterpiece so everyone needs to play it.

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