Witcher 3 Hearts of Stone Special Edition

MWEB GameZone writes: CD Projekt Red reveals more details about the special boxed version of Hearts of Stone that includes two physical decks of the Gwent card game."

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ArchangelMike1162d ago (Edited 1162d ago )

CDPR are really making this a proper 'expansion pack' rather than just "DLC." I like it. I love the fact that season pass holders get physical copies of Gwent. What an awesome way to rewrd those who bought the season pass. I'm soo there...

Dear God please let other devs take note of this, instead of their shady nickel and dime schemes!

Edit: I know you still have to purchase the card decks if you want them, and that they don't come free with the expansion pass - but hey, they are acollectors items what did you expect?

HanCilliers1162d ago

Couldn't agree more, CDPR showed other devs how to treat fans. We got an amazing game, 16 free DLC, and upcoming expansion that's 10+ hours. GG

plut0nash1162d ago

They did say they were going out with a bang.

Sillicur1162d ago

Can CDPR do anything wrong? I dont think so, damn these guys are really doing a great job, much respect.

psplova1162d ago

Do I play Gwent? No.

Will i try ad's get these collectible Gwent cards? Absolutely.

You rock CDPR. Seriously.

SonZeRo1162d ago

Hmmm I wasn't to impressed with all the free content that was given with game, could have included those things in original game (impressed they didn't charge for it though). I'll see what finances look like before deciding on getting this dlc.

shammgod1162d ago

Nice, an option to get the collectibles even if you pre-purchased the expansion! I'm in!