The Most Innovative Game EVER (Sorry Nintendo)

Slashgamer thinks that the game LevelHead could be the most original games ever made and they have a video to prove it. in order to play the game, you need a webcam and three blocks. When facing the blocks on the webcam, a 3D virtual room appears with a man inside. By tilting the blocks the man will walk in that direction. Just go to the site and watch the video. It really is that cool!

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TheMART3824d ago

Question for Microsoft


Thats a straight hit. It looks great

jamilion3824d ago


MonkeyMan3824d ago

Wait until you see a naked woman!

RemmM3824d ago

I think MS should bring that game to XBL Arcade. It would help them a lot.

sl0w-m03824d ago

The game is an innovative idea, but whats so fun about it? You're just making a guy walk into different rooms, the video was cool at first but boring

ChampIDC3824d ago

Yeah, I don't see much fun in this either, but darn is it a cool idea.

roadkillers3824d ago

Funniest thing I heard in a while lol.

shazam3824d ago

but also very boring

*prepares to be crucified"

Stagerman3824d ago

this really doesn't look fun though...

johnnywit3824d ago

The concept looks neat but I think this game would be really boring for me. The levels look kind of like my apartment. I think I would probably have more fun listening to NIN and slowly walking around my apartment.

Zeevious3824d ago (Edited 3824d ago )

challenge & create a much more interesting game would be:

Objects in each room that also move based on the tilt.
These can block the walkers path, but also aid the walker, such as a bridge or hitting a button.

Containers of Ice, Oil, or Glue that could tip over and change the floors friction, increasing difficulty...Or are wobbling and you must move through the room AND prevent them from tipping over or be affected by the results.

Zones that reverse player actions: Up is Down, Left is Right...or how about Up is Left...

Flashlight levels where you see only a part of the room, or a brief flash at the beginning...or your first path leads to a lightswitch.

Moving the cube toward or away from the screen could increase speed & score or have other interesting effects.

Levels where more than one cube must be used together to solve the puzzle/path.

I noticed in the specs it uses the PlaystationEye. I don't know what the specs are for the Eye, or if there are any significant differences between this and a standard webcam. Other than the matrix barcode which may be under a Sony patent, it looks like it could work on any platform.

It has significant potential but would need several elements of challenge added to be published, just to insure profitd from the manufacturing cost of the cubes. (Paper cutouts are ok for demo play, but you'd want something more durable to play)

If this where released as a PS3 native app, I could see it released as Echochrome II.

Spydiggity3824d ago

i thought "man, that's pretty neat." then i saw it for 15 seconds...then 30...then a minute. ugg. how can you say "sorry nintendo?" i think the wii is actually pretty lame, but they have at least put the concepts to good use. this is just dull.

not to knock the tech, but this would be the most boring experience of a person's life. to reading people's opinions on a video game website.

uie4rhig3824d ago (Edited 3824d ago )

i agree that its a cool concept and very innovative, but as some said before, i don't see the fun in it..

for those interested, its an opensource game which is currently only available for GNU/Linux and will run 100% on Debian Etch and Ubuntu 7.10 but should run on all other version. You have to download the source and compile it (make and make install from terminal)

Milky3824d ago

What you just said isn't a question.


I agree that the video got boring. The game has no merit in terms of a game but is definitely an amazing piece of video installation art. Go to the guy's website. He even says it himself that it's an installation.

This game would not be practical on any console, especially the XBLA. If you read about this game you'd know that you need all sorts of things that only a physical release could provide...Great idea though and hope to see more from this guy...

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penguinhunter3824d ago

As soon as i saw it, I had to share...

It would make a great DLC on Xbox Live

games4fun3824d ago (Edited 3824d ago )

but isnt this a duplicate story i remember something like this being posted over a year ago about this.

Edit: @disagrees your soo right how dare i remember things from a year ago that is soooo last year, i now realize the error of my ways and will no longer post facts that are a year old

games4fun3824d ago

thank you for having a brain that can remember things as well i was starting to think i was the only one ;) +bubbles

Twizlex3824d ago

It was also reported 2 weeks ago:
in addition to being reported almost a year ago:

MonkeyMan3823d ago

@Twizlex and games4fun

This video is only 23 days old so that point about the story from a year ago is irrelevant and the story from about 2 weeks ago is still a different video then this one so it is still a new story.

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RoyBoys3824d ago

Those comments above? He uses a PSeye but other than that it is all done on a PC. No 360, no PS3. No PSN nor XBL.

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