VGC:The Review System is Broken & GTA Proves It

Ah, it's been awhile but your (least) favorite Pig is back with another editorial about why the video game industry continues to disappoint in so many, many ways.

As many VGC forum-goers have been discussing with great exposition lately, there are many of us who feel as if the reviewing segment of our hobby has gone completely awry over the past few years. In my ever-so humble opinion, when it comes right down to it, I question whether it was any good from the outset. Many of us grew up with gaming but unfortunately, in many ways, gaming hasn't grown up with us. We're still the purchasers of hackneyed trash and in most cases, we do it with a smile. I had an opening rant prepared on the review system for this editorial but after lengthy consideration, I will defer to Rob Reiner and his mockumentary classic, This is Spinal Tap .

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La Chance4326d ago (Edited 4326d ago )

seem to get better than they deserve scores.
Look at for instance Gta 4 , FF12 and...yes Halo 3.Im not saying they suck but lets say they get 1 or 2 extra points.

Its not the case for all of them but some of them.

Then theres the fanboy reviewers.Look at Too Human for instance.Alot of non founded hate.It doesnt even look like criticism , just looks like plane dislike/hate for the dev or the game itself or whatever.

StanSmith4326d ago

GTA 4 and Halo 3 were both overhyped which led to the reviews being high.
IMHO, Gta4 was a massive step backwards for the series! I mean once you have completed it, it just becomes boring!

games4fun4326d ago

i'm going to give you an agree and a bubble because:

it probably was really hard for you to admit halo 3 is a little overhyped. and i also agree with the 1-2 pnts, its not that these games suck, its just that they are not 10 worthy at all, halo 3 and gta4 dissapointed its fanbase halo 3: was an update nothing more and gta4: ruined the replayability and added online as an apology for not having any sp replayability

and finally FF12: it was a new fighting system kudos!, was a really good one though? no it wasnt and the story was not as good as the others in recent history. an 8.5-9.0 maybe but tens no

meepmoopmeep4326d ago (Edited 4326d ago )

see, there ARE fanboys in journalism.
saying they don't exist is just as absurd as the conspiracy theorists.

bubbles to you LaChance, i totally agree with you.

ape0074326d ago

guys,guys,please listen

sites know that gta 4 and halo 3 wasn't that much

but today every big game release(mainstream,like gta,halo,smash)just give it high reviews so it sells more copies and thus moving the industry(money)ahead,so that both site and companies earn more money

it's like wash your brain and steal your money,but at some point people will realize what's good and what's bad

Tsalagi4326d ago

GTA4 got boring about halfway through. All the humor you expect from GTA was missing from 4.

dkp234326d ago

GTAIV stopped midway, too redundant and online was boring...

FFXII was a huge dissapointment to me, but I still finished the game...Story dragged on forever

InMyOpinion4326d ago (Edited 4326d ago )

Funny how it's ok to say that GTA IV and Halo 3 are overrated, but as soon as someone mentions MGS4 the tone changes.

KidMakeshift4326d ago (Edited 4326d ago )

Seriously, almost every big game has been somewhat mediocre because of craptastic writing, gameplay, or both: Gears Of War, Assassin's Creed, Mass Effect, MGS4, NG 1+2, DMC 1-4, etc.

The game industry is just like Hollywood now. It doesn't take risk because it doesn't have to. It's just 7 different kinds of vanilla being milked out and rehashed by multi-billionaire publishers.

I really like to see some real art house and indie developers bring back some intrigue.

Alvadr4325d ago

What the hell is wrong with people. GTAIV is a frikken awesome game!!! What is wrong with it? Top to bottom it is one of the fullest gaming experience ever. Tell me how you could have asked more from Rockstar on that one.. They well and truely delivered!!! Its GTA for christ sake.

As for Halo 3.. Now that is overrated, took about 5 hours to complete on Normal and brings nothing new to the genre, or even the series!. Even the weapons are the same as Halo 2, and the graphics just look like a polished Halo 2 for the most part.

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Agent VX4326d ago

I think the GTA 4 was overscored, but still is an excellent game.

MGS 4 was another game that got overscored, no where near as good as the hype. Single player was pretty good, online sucks ballz.

One has to take caution when looking at scores on games.

dktxx24326d ago

Actually most people see it as the only game that justified the hype it got.

Agent VX4326d ago

You got to be kidding me!!! I have read many, many articles about how people have played through MGS 4 and have been quite underwhelmed. And that includes me.

Notice how very little has been said about MGS 4 recently, but games like COD 4 and Halo 3 still get lots of press. MGS 4 is already dated and out of the news.

I liked it(MGS4), thought it was a good AA title, but nothing special. Only uber fanboys of the series would think this title is the greatest thing since the pill. And it's definitely not a title that everyone thinks it deserved its dues, thats one of the funniest things I have heard in a long time....LOL

MGS 4 is definitely a game that got overhyped, and it under-delivered.

dktxx24326d ago

You know why you read a lot of articles that say MGS4 underwhelmed, because it gets your website hits. Same with Halo 3, GTA 4, and any other game that gets hyped incredibly. It makes you seem like a critical journalist, when in reality, you want more money from ads for Google.

And in all honesty, fans loved MGS4, an and that's what Kojima promised. A legendary finale to end one of the greatest characters in gaming history. It did that. Was the gameplay the best ever? No, but the story left an impact on you. If you couldn't get into the story, then it's not your kind of game, so don't play it, and don't tell people your opinion on a game that you won't like unless is gets bent and twisted away from the already fans of the series. MGS4 has its audience, and if your not in it, then don't force yourself in.

tetsuhana4326d ago

People aren't still talking about MGS4 because it's mainly a single player game. Games like halo and COD are still being talked about because they have fun online play. It all comes down to preference, either a great single player where you play through the story a few times a year, or a great online to play for a few months until something better comes.

dkp234326d ago

both games were short and didnt feel I got a lot of gameplay, which was the reason why I didnt get MGS3...I dont hav ea ps3 so I didnt get MGS4, but probably didnt miss much anyway...

PoSTedUP4326d ago (Edited 4326d ago )

MGS4 is like a really really good movie: it makes you laugh, cry, its deep and emotional, action packed, long but worth wile, epic in every way.

this game screams PERFECTION (to a certain degree)

MGS4= A TRUE NEx GEn GAMe. hence all the 10's

you already know MGS4 sets the bar..... you can hate wile i play the greatest game made to date.

DiabloRising4326d ago

I think GTA was overscored. I think MGS4 was overscored. I think Halo 3 was IMMENSELY overscored.

I LOVE MGS, my favorite series ever, but even I realize that its an acquired taste that not everyone will love or "get."

What really amazes me is the free pass the Halo series always gets. THe online is solid as hell, but the core gameplay bores/bothers the crap out of me and the single player is the antithesis of epic. Can someone PLEASE enlighten me? Because its an awesome universe/fictional world but the games themselves just meh me.

rockleex4326d ago

Wasn't a "real" MGS.

It was merely a conclusion and solution to MGS... although a darn good one that deserved 9-10s.

If Kojima had it his way, it would be so much more meaningful and innovative and leave you wanting more, wanting answers, being confused, etc. But he couldn't have it his way. He wanted to move on from MGS. He had to end Snake's story. He had to tie all the loose knots.

Really, no one else would have been able to end such a confusing, mind bending series as well as he did.

But in my opinion, it deserved a 9 at best. MGS1 was the game that deserved a 10.

I just hope Kojima is able to make a game as innovative as MGS1 was.

PoSTedUP4326d ago

i think every game that is reviewed should be compared to MGS4. MGS4 set the bar for a true nex gen game. the majority says MGS4 lives up to the hype unlike HALO3 and GTA4. HALO3 and GTA4 will always be talked about because those are games that were truly over hyped, MGS4 lives up to the hype because its not really talked about for being over hyped like HALO3 and GTA4 is talked about, you see what i am saying. mgs4 came out and the majority of people were really impressed. GTA4 and HALO3 came out and alot of people were disappointed, hence the over hype controversy.
mgs4 doesn't have the over hype controversy besides a few personal opinions here and there.

MGS4 set the bar, its not perfect, but its a experience that must be played and thats what all those 10's mean.

YogiBear4325d ago

I don't agree with MGS4 being overrated but even if it's not your cup of tea you should be able to see that Kojima threw everything but the kitchen sink in.

GTA IV actually stripped the franchise down to make it look prettier.
The Halo franchise is the most overrated in video game history.

Agent VX4325d ago (Edited 4325d ago )

I really, really fail to see how MGS 4 has taken "Gaming" to the "Next Level"???

Gameplay was fairly solid, but didn't revolutionize it in any way or fashion. An all around good single player campaign with enough variety and weapons to keep most people happy.

Online, not very exciting and nothing new.

Graphics, are very good, but titles coming up like GeOW 2 and Killzone 2 already have surpassed it.

So, if really, really long and many cutscenes has somehow "Changed" gaming to the "Next Level", then I have to say, we have really, really set the bar for "Next Gen Gaming" to a super low level. For me personally, cutscenes have been done before, and if I am looking forward to a really good story, I will pick up a book.

MGS 4 is the best title for my PS3, but it's in no way an "Revolutionary" game by any means, nor a perfect game. It is an acquired taste game that will leave many expecting a lot more. I know I was!!!

And I also think Halo is a bit overrated. The single player game was decent, but it was an online game first and foremost, and here is where it shines. Halo is a fantastic multiplayer game, and there is very, very few online games that can be compared to it. Definately a AAA game.

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i_like_ff74326d ago

(Claps) Well done 100% agree...

dktxx24326d ago

If IGN let two different people review lets say MGS4, do you think they'll come out the same? No, one might give it a 10, one might say its an 8. And there are a number of reasons why they'll see different. Game Reviews are all opinions, there not based on facts or anything, just one persons review. And, One guy might give out 10's a little easier than a some other guy, who's 7 is other people's 10's. Game Reviews will always be broken if this continues. And it's not an easy problem to solve either. Reviewing games is different than reviewing a car engine. A car engine has measurable statistics. Games do not. There's no meter that say's how fun the game is. And that is a problem that the Gaming Media needs to solve sometime in the near future, I'm really tired of not having a reliable source for game reviews.

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