It's Game Time: Game Console and Software Stock Update

A roundup of recent news relating to game console makers and gaming software publishers.

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ironwolf4327d ago

Good news for PS2, Xbox 360, and Wii (especially Wii); not very good at all for the PS3.

FFVIIFan4327d ago

Fanboys from all three consules have been arguing, but we should've seen this coming. Each company has its dedicated fan base, and the sales are gona be pretty much independant the consule war. Sony just needs to step up production, people want their PS3s.

shikwan4327d ago

Sony maybe PURPOSEFULLY delaying shipments of PS3 in order to look good...or at least ok, from a financial perspective for the last quarter of this year.

Why? Because they lose money for every console sold. In other words, they are not trying to go in the red by selling 6,4 or 2 million PS3s.

FFVIIFan4326d ago

Sony has never made money off the actual consule. Rather, they want to get as many PS3s out there so developers are more willing to make games for their system. That's where Sony rakes in the money, the software. Besides that, both Sony and Microsoft get more income than just their systems. Sony has its massive music, movie, and other digital media resources for income.