Pocket-Lint: Soul Calibur IV Review

Pocket-Lint writes: "Let's clear one thing up right from the off. If you want to play as Yoda and Darth Vadar, you DON'T need to buy both the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of Soul Calibur IV.

Nope, it transpires that each character is available for download as a piece of additional content. So all that willy waving about which character your console received seems a bit daft now, right?

As for these two new characters, Vadar isn't quite the bad ass that you'd expect. He's just like every other battler, just packing a freaky helmet. As for Yoda, his tiny size makes him close to impossible to hit, and literally impossible to throw. So the old man's quite handy in a fight, but downright irritating when you're up against him and every kick and punch drifts aimlessly over his head."

The good:
-Lots of characters, including a treat for Star Wars fans
-Looks incredible
-Brutal action by the bucket load

The bad:
-It's still just a beat-em up

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