Insomniac Games Will "Support" Resistance PS4 Port But Has No Plans On Their Own

Fans are eager for a Resistance remaster or a sequel on the PS4. On Twitter Resistance developer Insomniac Games had stated that they will "support" whoever who will do a port on the PS4 but they have no plans on their own for Resistance. The IP is currently owned by Sony and it's up to them to call for a remaster or sequel.

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muzikjunkie801162d ago

would be nice for a remaster of the trilogy id certainly pick it up again.

LifeInNZ1162d ago

Not sure I could play through the series again. Was good but not great...number 3 especially was just a generic shooter.

ninsigma1162d ago

I agree number three was not as good as the previous. The series had great online play though.

Hoffmann1162d ago

The big weakness of Resistance 3 was the relative weak story, after all the build up in 1 and 2 it was way too easy to stop the whole invasion with one attack by a few guys at the end of the game, it just felt dumb to me.

But the environments itself , the stages were almost all pretty awesome again.

LifeInNZ1162d ago

Yes, part 2's multiplayer co-op was brilliant! Why in heck did they not bring it back for part 3!?!

IamTylerDurden11162d ago (Edited 1162d ago )

I vehemently disagree (assuming u actually played the games).

Resistance Fall of Man was a great game, it just was.

Resistance 2 is an 87 on metacritic.

Resistance 3 is one of the most underrated and inaccurately thought of games of all-time. One mediocre score, a 7/10 via Game Informer twisted ppl's perception of this game. Truth is Resistance 3 is a very good game with a great campaign and a fabulous story. You can play the entire campaign in online or local co op and it is lovely in 3-D.

Do you think Gears Ultimate is generic? Resistance 3 has a higher Metacritic score than Gears Ultimate Edition on xbone. Fact.

LightofDarkness1162d ago

Even for the time, Resistance: FOM was a bit dated. Both graphically and in terms to storytelling. It was a like a PS2 era FPS in a post-HL2 world. It was an anachronism. It felt somewhat trite, but still enjoyable. I had it as a launch title and would be hard pressed to give it more than a 7.5, considering what else was available at the time. It was going up against Gears of War in the shooter space, and Gears was so incredibly fresh and seemingly innovative, both graphically and gameplay-wise, that it really made Resistance seem weak. I had both consoles at the time and played both, one after the other. It was certainly the best PS3 launch title.

Knushwood Butt1162d ago

The online coop in resistance 3 added nothing and the chat cut out whenever the game loads, which is frequently.

Each to their own but I found it disappointing.

SolidGear31162d ago

Number 3 was the least generic of the series!! Looool. It was more of an emotional survival story at the end of humanity. The first just felt like a paint by the numbers, military FPS.

Army_of_Darkness1162d ago (Edited 1162d ago )

WTF are you guys smoking?! Resistance 3 was the best one out of the whole series. It Even scared me a few times at certain stages cause of it's added horror elements! Heck, I would love a remastered R3 in [email protected] 60fps with improved textures and all! that would be fantastic!

spicelicka1162d ago

Number 3 was actually awesome! Not generic in the least

itBourne1161d ago (Edited 1161d ago )

Fall of Man was an unpolished masterpiece. Rough around the edges (first in game scene isn't even fully textured lol), but a fantastic world and even better multiplayer. I think top 5 multiplayer of all last Gen, actually unique.

Resistance 2 was hit and miss. Story was awesome, ending was freaking epic. The viral build up was badass too even. Gameplay was out of balance, wars no longer felt like wars as AI only acknowledged you. Competitive Multiplayer was a circus, and mediocre at best. Coop was a pure treat.

Resistance 3 was a shit show. Story was boring with characters that no one cared about. Gameplay for story was smooth and well set up. Multiplayer was a CoD infested sickening piece of garbage, I was utterly disgusted with resistance 3, the game may as well had another name.

BattleAxe1161d ago

As a start, it would be nice if Sony were to release these games onto the PS3's Playstation store as digital downloads.

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Automatic791162d ago

Resistance was my favorite shooter on PS3 and the reason I bought one. Please Sony drop a new one and while you at it please do a new Syphon Filter.

VsAssassin1162d ago

I would buy this trilogy bundle in a heartbeat. However, I also want Insomniac Games to make a new sony exclusive IP.

akurtz1162d ago

have the atmosphere and story of fall of man with game play of R3 for the next R and i will buy it.

IamTylerDurden11162d ago

I would buy any Resistance remaster Day 1 no questions asked. Just Fall of Man or the whole trilogy, i'll take it.

I honestly would love a remaster of Resistance Retribution though, either on PS4 or Vita. It's a really good game that ppl forget about.

Benjammin251162d ago

Resistance is arguably my favourite of the series. It was outstanding. Very rare for a handheld game to live up to it's console brethren.

Automatic791162d ago

@Iam never forgot Retribution best game I played and I played it on Vita. Wow what an amazing game.

muzikjunkie801162d ago

on another note sony would be stupid not to support a remaster of this franchise. i know a bunch of people who didnt have a ps3 last gen but own a ps4 this gen who would pick these games up.

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