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Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain is a masterpiece, the lasting legacy of series creator Hideo Kojima's remarkable team signing off with its greatest achievement.

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bangoskank1138d ago (Edited 1138d ago )

Amazing game. Had my doubts and was going to avoid purchase due recent Konami controversy but wasn't able to resist temptation. My only gripe with the game is that the environments don't look current gen. I wish this game was specifically designed for PS4 and Xbone. It's kind of obvious that current gen versions are just remasters of last gen versions. Controls can be a bit awkward at times when Snake for some reason begins to crawl backwards. Aside from that the game is perfect.

Chuk51138d ago

I disagree with you on the environments. The lighting and the rockface texture of Afghanistan look amazing. I think remaster is not the word (espcially if you've seen last gen in action). The engine scales really well, not remastering. Also an open world game running at a flawless 60, makes it look better in motion than most PS4 games.

Neixus1138d ago

The lighting in this game is incredible, the enviroment looks amazing, so i disagree aswell.

bangoskank1138d ago

You don't think some of the rock structures in Afghanistan look too flat both in shape and texture? I don't know... I guess I expected more from a current gen Metal Gear.

ChronoJoe1138d ago

The controls aren't awkward they're actually very intuitive, snake crawls in the direction you press relative to the camera. It just feels awkward to you because you are expecting his movement to be relative to his current direction, rather than the cameras direction.

You get used to it.

TheColbertinator1138d ago

My weeknights have all been sunk into MGSV

SlightlyRetarted1138d ago (Edited 1138d ago )

Had a week off from the work. Played 10-12 hours per day and lost few kilos, because i forgot to eat.

user99502791138d ago

Some day I will get around to buying and playing this game. Looking forward to it.

jagstar441138d ago

I think all the mechanics are amazing, i just wish the missions were more interesting, and they had more story.

milohighclub1138d ago (Edited 1138d ago )

No it isn't.

2 many flaws.

It's a good game. Nearly finished the main missions. Not game changing or a masterpiece by a long shot.

I agree on how terrible the environments are Africa looks terrible. The trees look like they have just been mass placed with no real thought.
The mission variety is non existent. A little repetitive with a vast yet empty open world. But some thing about it keeps me playing. The mechanics are solid and occasionally there's a mission that makes my jaw drop.

SuperBlunt1138d ago

Your playstyle is whats lacking. Think outside the box

ChronoJoe1138d ago

Agreed. I could play a mission 100 times over and it would be different every time.

milohighclub1138d ago

I've tried as many different play styles as I can imagine. That doesn't change the fact that all I have to do is execute or extract a dude to finish a mission. No playstyle is gonna change how a mission is completed

ChronoJoe1138d ago

Even your method of extraction has considerable variability (where to extract, how to transport, the route etc.), but I think you're looking at it wrong anyway. Most of the gameplay (and in term variability) stems from your approach to the objective, not merely its conclusion.

It's like saying every match in street fighter is the same because in the end Ryu just punches Ken for a KO. It completely ignores the nuances of the match; all of the variables that collate to lead to that particular moment.

Most of the time you don't even have just one objective on a mission. You have assigned optional objectives, and unassigned optional objectives too (extracting resources / personnel). There are literally hundreds and hundreds of approaches to each mission with all of these variables considered. But you're just focused on the end... where the games flexibility intentionally narrows to provide a conclusion. I think you're missing the point.

milohighclub1138d ago (Edited 1138d ago )

I understand what you're saying. Each time I play is different but it's also exactly the same, get here collect resources kill/don't kill guards, extract person. Whilst I understand the amount of possibilities for varied gameplay after 40+ hours of doing the same mission, no matter how I'm aproaching it it feels stale.

Pretty much every open world game I have played has been better than this. People are only hyping it cos it's metal gear. I'm a fan of the series have been for 15 years or so but unfortunately, this one ain't that great. It should have stayed more linear and story driven instead of open dull and empty.

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SuperBlunt1137d ago

What open world games have more variability than tpp? This game competes with frigging roguelikes in terms of tactical freedom while having the best gameplay possibly ever in any game

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