O’Donnell attorney blasts Bungie for betraying its founding composer

The legal battle between composer Marty O’Donnell and Bungie, the game studio that made Destiny and Halo, took a huge personal toll and it tore friendships apart, according to O’Donnell’s attorney. The story is like a plot from a video game — and not a happy one.

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PSIN4MANT1162d ago

Bad business decisions are made all the time, I remember when we were worried about games, and not all the goings on in the industry. The social landscape of gaming is enough to make ones head spin.

I hope to see a day where all the mudslinging ceases and gaming is about gaming again.

Mr Pumblechook1162d ago

O'Donell was treated horrendously. The worst part is the betrayal he must feel from old friends and protégés testifying against him. But he has been vindicated and I hope he is able to move on without feeling too much bitterness.

LonDonE1162d ago

Agreed people dont realise how much his epic sound tracks made halo and destiny missions/gameplay feel god like! i wish he would rejoin microsoft at 343, while i loved halo 4 music i feel halo 5 would benifit from him.

Its disgusting how they treated him, activision has sucked the soul out of bungie hence why destiny is a mess.

donthate1161d ago

I'm no fan of Bungie, but one upset employee isn't enough to say that the studio is treating their employees badly.

However, what I am seeing is many key Bungie employees leaving and returning to MS of all things! Some also start their own studios, so try as I may, I'm not believing Bungie here.

gamer78041162d ago

Actually these kinds of things as avid gamers we should be very concerned about if we want top talent recruited to our favorite studios. If a studio earns a bad rap for how it treats its employees it will be hard for them (and your favorite games) to get top talent. (See Konami).

Paytaa1162d ago

I always loved Marty. He has a real passion for what he does and the way he got treated during the development of Destiny is ridiculous. I can't imagine a Bungie game without his music. He created one of the most iconic themes with Halo and Destiny (while I hate the game) has an amazing score. It's so sad to see what used to be my favorite developer crumble from within due to the new management and the Activision overhead. Bungie is a shell of their former glory. Halo 3 had >90 devs on the project and Destiny had <500 developers. They were way better off with Microsoft but whatever what's done is done. Hope Marty's new studio does something cool.

LonDonE1162d ago

Agreed 100% such a shame what bungie has become.

Lamboomington1161d ago

Halo Combat Evolved had such an epic score. One of the best I've ever listened to.

AstroCyborg1161d ago

ms needs to bring him back to the halo series

Septic1162d ago

Activision...yoy corrupt everything in your Oryx.

greenmiker1162d ago

I don't know who has right here but I hate firing people.

pompombrum1162d ago

Honestly I can see why he was sacked. No matter how high up in a company you are, when you're a negative influence to your co-workers, you have to go especially in a game development team with deadlines etc, you can't afford having such an influential person being disruptive. Having said that though, how does that give them the right to strip him of his stock? That has Kotick's soulless stench written all over it.

I can see where Marty is coming from though and has every right to be angry but can't that anger effect the whole development team. Regardless though, looks like Activision are well on their way to ruining another studio, I just hope Bungie can retain enough of their talent to survive once the partnership ends.

reaper241162d ago

I believe their real talent, the lead programmer and others have already left. I think only the 'b-team' is still here.
The Bungie we knew and loved is dead.

pompombrum1161d ago

Did their talent leave before or after Destiny's creation? For all it's faults, I still think Destiny is the best shooter released in years and can clearly see the talent Bungie have/had.

They'll probably end up like IW and COD where they'll be milking the hard work of the original developers without really being able to take things to the next level.