10 Upcoming Video Games That Deserve Way More Hype


The tail-end of the year is steadily approaching once again, and that can only mean one thing if you’re a gamer. Wallets will start suffering from ‘money-loss’ syndrome and sacrifices will have to be made in regards to categorising each new release into the ‘must-buy’ and ‘will have to wait until later’ piles. Unless you’re rich, then you can go nuts.

For us working-class people though, the decision to buy depends on a whole host of different external forces. Previews, gameplay videos, impression pieces and advertising will all subconsciously help us to make the decision to part with some cash or hold onto it for the next big release.

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-Foxtrot1135d ago

"Destiny: The Taken King"

You mean the game we should have had at launch

mikel10151135d ago

Why should Mighty Number 9 deserve more hype? If anything the creators only did this to themselves

slappy5081135d ago

Did he just say a game that sold millions at launch and is now the rereleasing as it's intended version, and another game with one of the shoddiest preorder schemes in history deserves more hype? riiiiight