Sony PSP-3000 speculation: hard drives, touchscreens, possibilities?

QJ.NET writes: "Last week, the community was rocked with rumors of a new PSP that was reportedly under development. Aside from some rather questionable pictures however, not much else was known about this SKU, which has been dubbed the PSP-3000. Ironic, considering that the days before this revelation are littered with speculation of what the PSP's next evolutionary step will have.

This article will attempt to piece together some of the bigger rumors we've run into in the past, and see just how they all fit together. Take them as "What if" possibilities – no more, no less."

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bleachrulez4324d ago

correct me if im wrong but wasnt the PSP-3000 confirmed to be fake

CrizzleC244324d ago (Edited 4324d ago )

Hardrive- at least equal to iphone capacity.

Good online system-I dont like how it looks now and most of the time the areas need to have a perfect connection to even go at 10kbps.

More visualizers- make it manipulative (able to play with like the 360)

///////////////////////////// ////////////////////////////// / ////////////
Completely new system (not for another 2 years I know but..)

The concept of PSP was to have current gen graphics on the go.
PSP was like Ps-1.8, pretty close and made sense because it looked like Ps2 which was current gen at the time (and was cool to show off).

But now that the Ps3 and 360 are out, PSP has sunken to the level of Gameboy graphics (still better but no longer keeping the promise of current gen graphics on the go(also gameboy still has 3rd gen N64 graphics which is freakin' depressing)

So what I want now is a PSP 2 with graphics on par with Xbox 1.8


Special note to ds owners: If I wanted to play 3rd gen games (wii,gamecube then N46) then Id just hit up my time machine and go back TEN YEARS, or move to Alabama where thats cutting edge stuff. All the games in the world couldnt make me cut my eyes with those blocky graphics on the ds(except sim city, my god I love that game).

Nonetheless I still love my psp v-1000 (and am glad I can finally listen to music and view photos)

poopsack4324d ago

considering a remodel cant have totally different features from the original. these are features that would be on a new psp. not a remodel

games4fun4324d ago

i still dont know why sony didnt add 2 anolog sticks on their psp, many more people would probably have bought it real fast.

snoopgg4323d ago

why can't they just put 2 sticks on there already. I would enjoy 1st person shooter so much more. They could actually get more people to develope fps for the psp with two sticks on it.

BlackCountryBob4323d ago

That is where you are wrong; the PSP has been at its most successful when games have been made to match its unique features; 2 analogue sticks would just create a whole new range of poor PS2 ports.

BlackCountryBob4324d ago (Edited 4324d ago )

Look, after 12 million of these bloody articles can someone see sense;

The PSP3000 will not have a touch screen, they are expensive and a new feature like that would split the market and annoy a lot of current PSP owners. Even then it would have little support as the developers would need to choose between making a game for all 40million PSPs or the few touch PSPs; and that doesn't include the need to create new dev kits and wait 12months for the new software to emerge; this is the same reason why a second stick or L2/R2 buttons will not be included. A touch screen will not appear until the PSP2 which will not be for several years yet.

The UMD drive will stay; the online service is not even close to being developed enough to cope; there are few PSP games available on the PSN and many of the more casual gamers (whom are the ones they can advertise the PSP to now) would be lost in trying to set up a D/L store or a wifi link without help. Anyone able to get that sort of thing up and running either already has a PSP or has decided they don't want one as they hate Sony! Downloading still alienates and unnerves more people than it would grab in. To go fully D/L then it needs to happen from the start of the consoles life to get all the games on it.

If, and that is a big if, Sony includes some on board memory (and I don't think they will) it will be a very small amount of probably less than 1gb; they are not gonna start tossing 30GB hard drives in the PSP so give up. I am sure the PSP2 will include memory on board but the double hit of buying a PSP and then at least one memory stick too is far too profitable for Sony to give up. Included memory, even in a PSP sequel would be more iPod nano than iPod classic in size.

Here is what could be in the PSP3000
- more efficient processors and memory for better battery life.
- Slimmer and lighter
- re jigged controls, better feel to the analogue nub.
- include the mic and maybe the camera (unlikely).
- a second usb socket
- the lcd branded xBlack
- wifi upgraded to g or n (its b aint it)
- More resistant to hackers, pandora battery hack dealt with.

Any major redesigns will not emerge until a full PSP follow up comes in a few years so stop jammering that they will.

VMAN_014324d ago

They should have small touchscreen features like the Sony Ericsson phones have.