Das Gamer: Insomniac Prez Ted Price And Resistance 2 Give The 1950s A Swift Kick In The Nuts

Das Gamer writes: "Over the past three months, Insomniac President and CEO Ted Price has been showcasing a variety of gameplay elements from this fall's PlayStation 3 sequel, Resistance 2. For those who didn't play the original, this first-person shooter is set in an alternate history in which World War II never happened. Instead, the world was invaded by the Chimera, deadly aliens who are hell-bent on destroying the world.

While the first game focused on action across the pond in the United Kingdom, Insomniac has brought the battle home in Resistance 2, and set its sites on 1950s Americana. You hear that Norman Rockwell? You, my friend, are royally fucked. Hit the jump for the full interview.

Das Gamer: When does the story pick up in Resistance 2?

Ted Price: Story-wise, the game does pick up immediately after the events of [the first]Resistance. We see the end of the game and then there's a time period that elapses for the rest of the game. Hale spends two years in Iceland and then travels to San Francisco to join up with the Sentinels and take on the Chimera, who've launched attacks from both coasts of the U.S."

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Sevir044313d ago

8 player co-op is going to be a blast and thats after i finish the first story, after that i'll be bombing sniping and killing everyone while racking up trophies in this game, there isn't a game like this on the planet. it's just sensational. i cant wait to play and own. my goodness it looks fantastic

TheDarksideKing4313d ago

looks better than gears and COD4