Destiny Update - 09/08/2015

Destiny Dev Team
2.0.0 - The one to prepare for Oryx.

This update begins Destiny Year Two. It contains sweeping changes that will impact the way we all play. Prepare for the arrival of The Taken King.

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That one guy 861133d ago

I played the new pvp maps yesterday and I'm done. I think I'm going to finally delete the entire game off my HD.

Mr-Dude1133d ago

Did that 2 months ago... Still the gameplay is awesome but the lack of nearly everything else... Meh. Maybe i will buy the taken king if it's on sale here in europe which is like every 2 months. But have fun to the hardcore players ^^

Ethereal1132d ago

Incredible update. Puts all they have done in the past to shame.