Das Gamer: Denis Dyack, In Bed With The Penthouse Pets, Part 3

Das Gamer writes: "That's right, we got more Denis Dyack than we know what to do with. In this segment (number three out of a total four) Dyack touches on how he got into the games industry and offers some advice to the would be coders out there chugging suicide-sized cans of Red Bull while throwing together the next Geometry Wars. Turns out Dyack, as a member of his collegiate wrasslin' team, crossed over from the world of athletics into computer science. "I made a metamorphosis from a jock that worked out six hours a day," says Dyack, "to a scholar that worked on a computer 24 hours a day." If you subscribe to Playboy's description of E3 it's almost as if Dyack is the walking embodiment of the tradeshow."

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