Just Stop

A plea to people who use gaming to abuse and belittle others to just stop.

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NewMonday1162d ago

it will never stop, people can be anonymous in the net and so don't feel they have to hide their real bad side in the internet, they have no reason to stop and don't care about others to stop.

only solution is to ignore exchanges with these kinds of people, block them on social networks, strong message board moderation like in NeoGAF and to grow a thicker skin.

blackblades1162d ago (Edited 1162d ago )

You can always be a detective and find out who the person is, and then go on the net and put them on the spot of who they really are. Like those fools that went on twitter and ran there mouth and then lost there good paying jobs. Like come on most of them was on twitter and you'll be surprise what you can find on Google.

wonderfulmonkeyman1162d ago

I'd pay cold hard cash to see every internet provider start making people who post on public forums use their real names for one solid week.

They'd end it after one week, but they wouldn't let the public know that.

Then we'd see just how many of the cowards who use anonymity as a shield would come back.

rainslacker1162d ago

From my experience, it's the people that freely give out their names on social media and then think they have anonymity on forums that have the most problems from those seeking some sort of punishment.

It's not hard to hunt people down on the internet, and doxxing could be done by most anyone with a simple understanding of social media. The bullys are just as easy to track, but it's usually the common man who has their lives turned upside down from it all.