5 Reasons why you should be excited for Halo 5: Guardians

4ScarrsGaming: Praised as being among the best first-person shooters, the next installment of the legendary Halo franchise is upon us. Embark on the largest campaign and multiplayer experience in Halo history, developer 343 Industries ensures that this will be the most epic Halo game of all time.

One of the most anticipated Xbox One games this fall, Halo 5: Guardians is sure to please gamers from around the world. Here are five reasons why you should be excited for Halo 5: Guardians.

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sammarshall1021134d ago

Best sci-fi FPS ever

I watched a video earlier today that showed the Chief hearing Cortana's voice and seeing her blue light in a cave like structure. The vertical gameplay and open level design looked incredible

Did anyone else see it before it was taken down by Microsoft?

4Scarrs_Gaming1134d ago

I totally agree the Halo series is the best sci-fi FPS ever, and from what I have seen and heard about Halo 5 we are going to be blown away! IMHO this is going to be game of the year its that good! I can hardly wait until October 27th.

sammarshall1021134d ago

I think we'll be blown away too and an even longer campaign than usual has me amped up

aviator1891134d ago

Haha, I was going to watch that video, but I think I'm at that point where I'm going full dark on the game when it comes to campaign details.
I do not want any major story details spoiled for me.

4Scarrs_Gaming1134d ago

you have that right! This is game is too good to spoil! Hurry up October 27th! Like the GreenDay song wake me up when October ends except this time a few days earlier :)

sammarshall1021134d ago

I gave in because I saw so many people bragging about how great the game is looking

Some of the areas in the campaign level required you to clamber and use your thrusters almost like a platformer, it looked really good

PistolsAtDawn1134d ago (Edited 1134d ago )

5? Probably closer to 50 :)

4Scarrs_Gaming1134d ago

I agree, but if I listed every single reason then I would have been writing for days :) I had a hard enough time with just 5 reasons.

LifeInNZ1134d ago

The intro cinematic, the single player and Warzone gameplay from E3 and Gamescon...I am so hyped for this game. Loved Halo 4 and Halo 5 looks to rival the best, if not be the best, in the series to date.

sammarshall1021134d ago

Halo 4 is my favorite Halo I loved the Mantis and the flying sections the most

The part where you escape the crumbling planet on the Ghost vehicle was great too

4Scarrs_Gaming1134d ago

I agree I think Halo 5 will be the best. I still have a place in my heart for the original though. Such a classic master piece. I love the Halo series!

Ginpachi-sama1134d ago

Nope not happening halo 3 stands above all its my fav and has my fav game soundtrack

4Scarrs_Gaming1134d ago

There isn't one Halo game that I don't like. But I am positive Halo 5 is going to be the best yet!!

OpieWinston1134d ago

Halo 3 is your favorite soundtrack?

It's a good soundtrack and Marty is god but I can pull up some amazing game scores. Best Halo soundtrack so far in my opinion is Halo 2.

IVanSpinal1134d ago

Halo 1 & 2 are from the same level.
Man, i love this intros:

Ginpachi-sama1134d ago

Its because i had the best memories when i was playing halo 3 and the soundtrack was pure eargasm I lost my interest in halo after 4 its a shame tho

terminallyCapricious1134d ago

Im hoping for a forge reveal before it releases. Something Kinda like the trailer that bungie did for reach forge world would be cool.

But overall im super excited for this game. Everything we've seen so far has been mind blowing. I cant wait to jump into the story.

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The story is too old to be commented.