Killzone Dev Says ‘It’s Too Early’ To Talk About Sequels

At E3 2015, Guerrilla Games surprised everyone by revealing a brand new IP in the form of Horizon: Zero Dawn. The gameplay trailer for the title was met with enthusiasm from those at E3, even resulting in the game being nominated for Best in Show by the Game Critics Awards.

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Majin-vegeta1162d ago

Dont need another KZ till at least 2018.Especially with H:ZD releasing next year.P

MrSec841162d ago (Edited 1162d ago )

It all depends on what stories Guerrilla Games wants to tell, or whether they want to try something else new in the way of New IPs, but Cambridge did ship Mercenary in 2013, sure they're working on RIGS, but we also had Shadow Fall that year too.

Media Molecule managed to develop a full remake of Tearaway into completely new, full AAA PS4 release, alongside Dreams with a Studio less than a fifth of the size of Guerrilla.

Guerrilla has assets from Shadow Fall, one of the most developed game engines for PS4 at Worldwide Studios.
A small team of people could have been fleshing out the next Killzone game since 2013, then when Horizon and RIGS ship the studio can put a large amount of resources on their next games, which could definitely include a new Killzone for PS4.

You've got to figure Sony will want a decent output of AAA exclusives for 2017.

We'll see what happens though.

bouzebbal1162d ago

I really wish a new Killzone was on the way for next year, i really like this series a lot.
The next episode should go back to the roots of the series, i didn't quite like the very clean futuristic environments and theme in Shadow Fall. I kind of lost me a bit.
The previous episodes had this dirty war battlefield atmosphere with a lot of intensity. I want them to bring that back and highlight on the political conflicts between ISA and Helghasts. I loved the propaganda speakers retrieval for instance in multiplayer. The beacon in SF is laughable in comparison.

triple_c1162d ago

I'm pretty sure Sony will have something for 2017. We still don't know what PS4 exclusives Quantic Dreams, Sucker Punch, Sony Sana Monica, Sony Bend, Sony Japan, Level-5, and Sony London are working on. Naughty Dog also has 2 teams so they're working on another PS4 exclusive which I'm guessing might be The Last of Us 2.We prob won't see Naughty Dog's new game till 2018 though.

Anyway, I was disapointed with Shadow Fall but Killzone 2 and 3 were great and KIllzone is still a great series. Other series like God of War and Gears have had that 1 not so great game but the series is is still great so I wouldn't mind another Killzone but at the same time I wouldn't mind it if Guerilla did something new. I mean, look at Horizon Zero Dawn. Look at the kinda new IP's that these studios can create when given the freedom to make them. That's what I like about Sony, instead of forcing their studios to play it safe and make sequels to established franchises, they let their studious branch out and create new IP's.

MrSec841161d ago

@abzdiine: I like the series as well, Killzone Mercenary carried on the whole gritty style of the pre-Shadow Fall, remember that SF was set in the future, I believe Merc was set around the events of 2 and 3, closer to Killzone 2 if memory serves correctly.

There's no reason why the next game in the series couldn't use a contrast of those cleaner tones and the gritty stuff.

@triplec: Oh Sony will for sure, they've always been that slow burner, with the best output of content coming as you get deeper and deeper into the generation.
Guerrilla and Naughty Dog are similar in studio size, both have been hiring more and more talent to build even more productive studios.
It's funny that Guerrilla will have released 3 games this generation by the end of 2016, I wouldn't be shocked if ND has at least one other small team doing what the Horizon guys did before the rest of the studio got involved in the game.
Maybe a few dozen people are working on ND's next game, since The Last of Us shipped on PS3, they go deep into pre-production, then when Uncharted 4 begins shipping in late Feb 2016 most of the ND's resources are put on the sequel to The Last of Us and we then get that game coming Fall 2017, with yet another small team working on the next game.

Santa Monica probably have more than just the one core team making God of War, London are the second biggest studio at WWS, with over 300 staff, Japan are the largest, rumors of Gravity Rush 2/remake and a completely new JRPG IP akin to Final Fantasy in style are pretty rife.
Knack and the Puppeteer devs have to be working on something.

Square Enix, Tecmo and many other 2nd/3rd party developers are meant to be making numerous new PS4 exclusives.

We're still waiting for updates on Dinosaurum's (Dinosaurum Games are 2nd party) new IP Without Memory, supposedly it's still in development.
It's been ages since we heard anything new about Deep Down from Capcom and Let it Die from Grasshopper Manufacture.

Yeah Sony should have some very packed out years for exclusives incoming, 1st party have been very busy, same is true for the partnerships with 2nd or 3rd party studios.

I'm very excited to see what Sony Bend have been making, rumors are pretty solid that it's a huge open world thriller/horror game, survival horror style along the lines of The Last of Us, only with it's own unique style, not Zombie based, but with some other kind of antagonist.
Concept art leaked a while back made the game look like a cross between Syphon Filter and a futuristic blade runner style world.

I can't wait to see what it is.

DeadlyFire1161d ago

Well Cambridge could have other Projects or IPs in the works as well. They did state they were working with a popular multi million dollar IP. Only a few games qualify for that I believe that are in the FPS/TPS spirit. One being Resistance. Another being Killzone. hmm... Either way I think its a win/win if either are true.

I think honestly. Guerrilla's main studio is Killzone's Home and they are not going to pass off the franchise. Horizon is new by a 2nd team at Guerrilla. RPG guys and FPS guys are two different crews I believe. So they could already have a new Killzone under wraps. Either way I wouldn't expect it to see daylight until 2017 E3. As they wouldn't want to hinder Horizon's sales potential. :)

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Killustrious1161d ago (Edited 1161d ago )

I've been saying this for the longest, I love Killzone and the whole universe/backstory of it, but Guerrilla really needs to explore the amazing backstory more. One of the best parts of Killzone: Shadow Fall was the amazing comic book collectibles showing a Helghast soldiers perspective on The First Helghan War.

Honestly, Killzone: Shadow Fall is definitely the weakest entry in the series story-wise, but one thing it did right with the ending (although it wasn't a great one) was set up the possibility of having an entirely new trilogy (Killzone 4-6) but instead have this new trilogy from the perspective of the Helghast side and explore the backstory some more. I think that would bring Killzone to a whole new level.

Outside_ofthe_Box1162d ago (Edited 1162d ago )

Honestly don't want GG making another main entry KZ game for now because I feel like they lost the great mentality and vision they had when they made KZ2.

I would rather see Guerrilla Cambridge make the next Killzone game.

Also, I would love a KZ2 remake built from the ground up for the PS4.

ninsigma1162d ago

Kz 2 was something special. Great campaign and I loved the multiplayer!

I'm sure we'll get a sequal at some point. I doubt Sony wanna let this one go yet. Delighted with the reveAl of horizon though. That looks so good!

LOGICWINS1162d ago

I'd renew my Plus subscription just to play KZ2 Remastered online. But I still want a sequel to KZ3 to properly conclude Rico and Sev's storyline.

It can be on the Vita for all I care. That just needs to happen!

phoenixwing1162d ago

the multiplayer in killzone 2 was epic, the games after not so much

LOGICWINS1162d ago

KZ2, Bad Company 2, and Rainbow Six: Vegas are my top 3 online shooters ever. Had so much fun playing those games.

I at least thought KZ3 had a good campaign though. It had a cinematic action movie feel and there was better chemistry between Sev and Rico. Shadowfall had a crap campaign, but the multiplayer was on point.

triple_c1162d ago


Ahh, I remember Rainbow Six Vegas 2.. During my early highschool years, I remember me and my friends would get soda, chips and a bunch of other snacks and cut school and just play Terrorist Hunt for hours. Those were the days.. lol

SolidGear31162d ago

Yeah my problem with Shadow Fall is that it was too difficult. I couldn't even finish it unfortunately.

ninsigma1162d ago

Kz2 multi was definitely the best but I thought shadow fall had a great online as well (story, not so much).

FallenAngel19841162d ago

I wouldn't mind another installment in this great series

sandman2241162d ago

I love me some killzone. Bring it

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