The Many Mysteries Of Pikmin 4

NE: "Pikmin 4 was just revealed by Miyamoto in an interview. Though no details were revealed – like the system, or any sort of release window – he did say that the game was nearing completion already. So naturally, it’s well worth diving way too far into these simple comments and getting the speculation mill started. What could this announcement, and the wording behind it, mean?"

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LaWiiG1162d ago

I was taken back by the game announcement considering the infrequency of the prior releases.

wonderfulmonkeyman1162d ago

Other than the almost-certainty of it coming out for the Wii U, due to the game being nearly complete and the NX still over a year away in 2017, who really knows anything about it?

One thing I do hope for, though, is the removal of that arbitrary time limit via food.

I liked the ability to freely explore every stage at my leisure, and to build up as many minions as I wished to without worrying about how many days I had left before a game over was forced upon me.

The "no night-time exploration" limit was enough in and of itself.

Although, I could see the series getting even more exciting if they improved the available self-defense options for the Captain and his Pikmin, so that night-time exploration became possible.

AKR1162d ago (Edited 1162d ago )

Actually, I think that mechanic was really well implemented.

It created a sense of urgency; practically a realistic one. Think about it — you're stuck on an alien world with very little resources, and your only protection from the dangerous inhabitants are these tiny little creatures that just so happen not to be vicious.

It made it feel like a survival game as well as strategy since you knew that just like in real life, you couldn't goof around and do whatever. While you could explore if you desire, you needed to make sure you didn't get carried away. Yes it's annoying, but it made a lot of sense and really teaches you to be a more cautious gamer and actually make you think.