Destiny Lawsuit Confirms Story-Change Reddit Speculation

In a recent Destiny Lawsuit, details confirming there were major story changes to Destiny, delaying it's release significantly.

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crazychris41241133d ago

If true that they cut up the story and sold the rest as DLC then Im boycotting both Bungie and Activision indefinitely. I didnt even buy the game so i cant imagine what the people who bought the game with a season pass will feel.

mhunterjr1133d ago (Edited 1133d ago )

I new it was true the moment I played the game.... Bought the season pass too... Now they want me to spend more $ to get the experience they promised back in 2013. I'm so done with Bungie...

81BX1133d ago

Same. I felt like they gutted areas to sell off as dlc.

wsoutlaw871133d ago

It was pretty obvious. People were able to glitch in the dlc areas in the betta

pompombrum1133d ago

Not only that but it also means DeeJ flat out lied to the community. Business decisions are business decisions but where are we without our integrity?

To be honest though, it's fairly obvious that the leaks were at least semi true. Their initial vision clearly was to integrate a solid shooting game into the MMO genre but all the MMO like elements in Destiny feel so underdeveloped and the word "massive" is the last word I'd use to describe Destiny.

JeffGUNZ1133d ago

Exactly. What kills me is we saw the "new" reef in the launch trailer and trailers before release. Yet, where was it?! How many areas were people glitching into? Where are all the NPC's in the areas? The game feels like a poor mans Mass Effect. Don't get me wrong, I put a lot of hours into this game but I am highly disappointment that they ask for $20 for DLC that feels like 4.99. The last straw was the HoW where they didn't add a Raid, which is the communities favorite aspect, rather some cheap horde mode where it's the same enemies but rotate the burn. I may pick up Taken King down the road, but I am so let down by what Bungie has come.

UncleJerry1132d ago (Edited 1132d ago )

@JeffGUNZ...well said. I actually abandoned the game altogether a couple of months in and refused to buy the dlc for the same reasons you state. The recent changes got me excited and a friend talked me into jumping back in a few weeks back. I now own all dlc including the preorder for the taken king. I feel like a hypocrite since I bought this all, but what a rip-off. The dlc content when added to the original game still does not warrant over 2x the price of a single game ($140 if you bought all separate). Crazy to think they are willing to then sell it all to new players for only $60! Say what you will, but thats a slap in the face to those who were there from day one.

The main thing I wanna say here is that the second Bungie came under contract with Activision I pretty much just assumed we would get banged like this. I understand business is business and I want these companies to thrive, but Activision really takes it to a whole new level with the way they milk their customers (CoD anyone?). But hey, I keep forking it over, so....

MilkMan1133d ago

Bro, this game is stupid. Mechanics are great. Everything else was designed by monkeys. "Light" armor?!?
Anyway, I hope Activision and Bungie get takes over the coals in this one.

Mikelarry1133d ago (Edited 1133d ago )

Sadly bungie and activision have some gamers by the balls with this one. Do not be surprised how some will shrug this off.

Jls11133d ago

Im glad I only paid $19.99 for it.

KiRBY30001133d ago

im glad i tried the demo and then didnt pay anything cause i didnt buy the game. :)

SlightlyRetarted1132d ago

I played the beta and canceled my pre-order. Good call...

Forn1133d ago

I'm annoyed enough I even wasted my money buying this one day one. Glad I didn't buy any dlc. I hope Activision and Bungie get what should be coming to them. I'm sick of seeing this kind of crap.

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