Games Abyss: WWE Smackdown vs Raw 09 Preview

The sad truth about franchises that ride the "annual train" and release a new game yearly is that they rarely innovate or stay fresh. Wrestling games are no exception to this rule. Yet the Smackdown vs. Raw franchise has seemed to be evolving enough with each release to keep old fans playing while recruiting a wealth of new ones.

THQ's latest release WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2009 is concentrating on the co-op through evolving team matches. Tag teams will now share a momentum bar. After charging up enough momentum, players can unleash devastating moves, wracking combos, and match-ending finishers.

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Hot_tea4322d ago

Wrestling games = WASTE OF MONEY.

StanSmith4322d ago

these games were actually fun to play? The Smackdown series has gone so downhill! Its now become THQs Own FIFA!

Caxtus7504322d ago

haha I do indeed!

"WWE SmackDown: Here Comes the Pain" was the last great one in my opinion.

Fluffy2Duffy4322d ago

The best wrestling game i ever play was on Sega genisis, Wrestlemania!! I got smackdown VS raw and what a big let down now, i'll skip next year game