The Ultimate Metal Gear Solid V Quiet Cosplay

This extended bikini Cosplay shows why Quiet is one of the sexiest characters ever created in videogames.

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scark921228d ago

Cool, but I have seen better on other articles.

XboxOneX1228d ago

I'd buy that for a DOLLAR.


People cry about pixels but don't cry about cosplays. I don't get. Nice indeed.

fitfox1228d ago

agreed the bra is too shiny

1227d ago
BrandanT1227d ago

Why is this "Quiet Craze" still going on? There's been so many articles of her.

morganfell1227d ago

I have seen far better in such a short window since release. Such as this:

scark921227d ago

That is one of the better ones :)

morganfell1227d ago

Agreed. her main twitter has quite a bit more along with other cosplay shots:

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Corristo1228d ago ShowReplies(1)
vgstories1228d ago

beautiful model and excellent presentation, thank you kojima!

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The story is too old to be commented.