Female Characters Less Likely To Be Killed in GTA Online?

The results of a fresh experiment appear to show that female characters are less likely to be killed than male ones in GTA V.

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HaydenJameSmith1162d ago

I have not had that experience...

Whenever I play my female character I get killed as much on my male. Most people in GTA are asshats regardless of gender in my opinion...

crazychris41241162d ago

Seems like 95% of the people you run into will try and kill you. Its rare ti find someone who wont shoot at you and will even tag along.

Dee_911162d ago

Those asshats are the things I hate most about GTA online, but its the thing that keeps me coming back. I can sit on there for hours in firefights across the state.
I never really monitored peoples reactions between my male and female characters but there was no real noticeable difference. If there was, I would play with the female character more.

isarai1162d ago

Not from my experience, as so as someone sees a figure with a userID above their head they shoot to kill before they can even determine a gender

rextraordinaire1162d ago

Ooh, femfreq won't be happy about this, doesn't follow their narrative. XD