GamerTM: Ten Dreamcast games we'd love to see on XBLA/PSN - Dream On

GamerTM writes: "With Soul Calibur, Ikaruga and Rez lighting up Xbox Live Arcade at the moment, the Dreamcast's back catalogue of games is proving popular with a new generation of gamers. But with a wealth of games to choose from, which should follow next? Here are our ten recommendations.

It was a sad day when SEGA finally pulled the plug on the Dreamcast. Sure, there was a bitter sense of inevitability about it – with the Dreamcast unable to withstand the onslaught of the PS2 and SEGA itself in dire financial straits, the eventual announcement didn't come as much of a surprise.

But nevertheless, it was a disappointment all the same. Having supplied us with a grand selection of games and taken us to places no console had before (namely, online), it was a shame to see the Dreamcast eventually fade into the mists of obscurity."

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Freakwave0034316d ago

Need some Shenmue and Jet Set Radio on PSN.

Greedy Genius4316d ago

powerstone is the best out of all those games,

DFresh4316d ago

Games I want from the Dreamcast on PSN.

1.) Dead or Alive 2

2.) Soul Calibur

3.) Sonic Adventure

4.) Crazy Taxi

5.) House of the Dead 2 (w/ use of the Guncon from Time Crisis 4)