Playable Brute Rumors shotdown by Frankie!

This week got a little mental, when some of our friends in Belgium "revealed" that a documentary feature would be on Xbox Live Marketplace next week, and "reveal" that the Brutes were playable characters in Halo 3.

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T-Virus4324d ago

Anyway, sorry I can't tell you more about that today, but then, that IS the point of a surprise, right? Even if those chocolate-munching, Tin-Tin reading, waffle-snarfing Belgians are just too excited to keep a lid on it.

Naughty Belgians!

shotty4323d ago

Those Belgions up to their crazy ways again. LOL. Anyways the video "should" be out by wednesday of next week.

Xaddict4321d ago

I swear i friken hate the people at Bungie. Their the biggest assholes in the game industry. They seriously think they are the coolest game company ever and that everything eles sucks compared to Halo. Their heads are so swollen because of people over rating Halo.

The BS Police4308d ago

They Praise Rare and Epic Games.

Also Bungie is now carrying the torch for online gaming.