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FGE - The teen-horror film is a cinematic sub-genre that despite its celluloid popularity over the last forty years has seen very few video game adaptations.

The premise seems ripe for video game exploration, a group of young people encounter a monster (supernatural or otherwise) and are picked off one-by-one, usually whilst staying overnight in a charnel house of some sorts.

Very few cinematic trends seem so readily made for video games, these films usually take place within a single, isolated location, feature elements of hide-and-seek and have a cast of multiple disposable protagonists, ensuring that the threat of death can be a permanent fixture.

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BitbyDeath1134d ago

If it wasn't for MGSV and Fallout releasing this year Until Dawn would have had GOTY in the bag.

gangsta_red1134d ago

Hmmmm...we also have Witcher 3 to contend with. But I had such a good time over the weekend playing Until Dawn it was definitely one of my favorite games I have played this year.

I want a sequel to this game and I don't even want this story to continue I would like a different scenario set to an 80's horror theme for the next installment.

xHeavYx1134d ago

IMO, Bloodborne was leading the GOTY race until MGSV was released.

OB1Biker1134d ago (Edited 1134d ago )

And Bloodborne... obviously
edit.. um yea what Heavy said.. faster than me a few sec

Filmgamesetc1134d ago

I totally agree. MGSV is practically flawless. Something tells me Fallout 4 won't be any different.

TomatoDragon1134d ago

The AAA reviews just keep coming and coming for this title.

Neonridr1134d ago

there are AAA reviews now? We have indie reviews too?

Spotie1134d ago

With the way some people keep changing the definition of AAA, YES.

TomatoDragon1134d ago

? A triple A review means it scored a 9. This has been a staple established by metacritic for years. :-/

Neonridr1134d ago

sorry Tomato, never heard of that expression. Usually we say a good / bad review. Maybe I could see the use of A+...

1134d ago
triple_c1134d ago

PlayStation consoles in general have always had the most diversity. This is nothing new..

Anyways, I'm surprised that this game is getting so many positive reviews. I thought it would get slammed by the media like The Order did due to it being cinematic and havings lots of QTE's. I'm definitely going to be picking this game up this week. I think it might be 1 of those sleeper hit types of games.

Neonridr1134d ago

I am enjoying the game thoroughly as it is very well written and constructed. I don't mind the QTE's so to speak but I am a little disappointed that when you are actually "playing" the game, you basically are just walking the character from point A to point B with little room for wandering.

The choices are cool as they affect the relationships between the characters themselves, pissing one off early could bite you in the @ss later on.

I am still looking forward to playing through a few times so I can see different endings.

DxTrixterz1134d ago (Edited 1134d ago )

Didn't really expect a lot from this game since it's new IP but damn I'm surprised of how good this game was. I really enjoyed it. Defnitely GOTY contender but it's too bad Witcher 3,Fallout 4 and MGS V are all to be out by the end of 2015 because this would definitely be GOTY if not for them.

Neonridr1134d ago

I would think Bloodborne would have won over this. Horror isn't recognized as mainstream unfortunately. Reviews have been good but I have never seen a game with an 80 metacritic average win GOTY.