PlayStation's TGS Lineup is Really Cool and Boring At The Same Time

We finally have a list of titles that will be playable and present at the conference in some way, shape or form. The list is only consists of confirmed titles, with Sony stating they could very well disclose more titles that will be available at a later date. With all the information we have on Sony’s TGS lineup, it’s safe to say there are really cool titles and really boring additions at the same time.

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the-dragons-bane1134d ago

Their lineup seems good to me. I hope they announce a new WildArms,the legend of dragoon and/or dark cloud game at the TGS.

The_GameBolt1134d ago

A new Dark Cloud game would be cool!!

Abash1134d ago

The line-up is just the games we know are releasing soon, I'm more excited to see what Sony is going to announce as well as other publishers set to reveal new PS4 games at the show

1134d ago
Yi-Long1134d ago

I'm kinda hoping to see more of Everybody's Golf (AKA Hot Shots Golf) for PS4, as well as (of course) Gran Turismo 7.

FITgamer1134d ago

A Legend of Dragoon 2 bomb would be nice.

crazychris41241134d ago

Im sure there will be some surprises or leaks of the surprise which seems to be the norm these days

Relientk771134d ago

I just wanna see more JRPGs

Hopefully Level 5 announce their new game

Aloy-Boyfriend1134d ago

Internet Rule #8: There's always something wrong with everything. Make sure to give your complain

kangbuo1134d ago

when did it get degraded from #1 to #8 ?

sactownlawyer9161134d ago

Persona 5 western release date is what I am looking forward to. O yah and hopefully bloodborne expansion news/release date. My long shot surprise is a gt7 reveal to combat forza release this week.

poppinslops1134d ago

One of N4G's Oracles told me Persona 5 isn't getting a Western release on PS3 and that the PS4 will be the only console with an English-dub version... I've been googling for details, but haven't been able to shed any light on the matter, so I ask - was he or she correct?

bryank751133d ago

GT will probable be Paris...

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The story is too old to be commented.