GamersTM: Battle Fantasia Import Review

GamersTM writes: "With a new and very much traditional Street Fighter game reigniting the flames of beat-'em-up fans who have lost their way of late, we're set to see not only the rebirth (or rather, rejuvenation) of the fighting genre but also a rise to prominence for titles that would but months ago have been niche import-only games. And while at the moment Battle Fantasia may be just that, 505 Games is planning to bring it to Europe, where it will no doubt win the hearts of many a fighting fan, just as it has ours.

Despite its glorious 2.5D rendering, Fantasia is as old-school a beat-'em-up as you'll encounter. Guilty Gear developers ArcSys have trimmed all the technical nonsense away from its flagship series, leaving a far more refined, accessible and balanced fighter as a result. Simple four-button setup works well with either a standard pad or a stick, with a fifth button being introduced in the form of the Gachi button. This falls somewhere between the Parry system from Street Fighter III and Soul Calibur's Guard Impacts – a tap of the button at the right time will protect you from damage and give you advantage while hitting forward at the same time blasts the attacker back, bouncing them off the far side of the screen and setting them up for some seriously nasty combos. This makes your every attack a huge risk, knowing full well that a skilled opponent will easily be able to turn a predictable jump-in attack into a counter combo that will rob you of half your life."

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