[ABG] Sonic The Hedgehog 2 HD - Classic Sonic Gameplay In This Awesome HD-Hog Remake

Sonic The Hedgehog 2 HD is a gorgeous fan-made remake that adds crisp HD visuals and vastly improved audio to Sonic 2’s classic gameplay to create something Sonic fans have been wanting for years – pure, classic Sonic gameplay with modern video game production standards.

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heedstone3097d ago

Oh hell yes! Why can't Sega make something like this?

3-4-53097d ago

Music is worse. The source sounds are different and don't have that same feel but the visuals are nice.

paradigmfellow3097d ago

It feels a little slow for me.

-Foxtrot3097d ago

When people in their spare time can make better Sonic games then SEGA


AnotherProGamer3097d ago

Well this is just a remake of a older Sega game, not like its hard to take a old game and update the visuals

Let's see these guys make a new original Sonic game

343_Guilty_Spark3097d ago

Aural orgasm...that sound is incredible!!!

LackTrue4K3097d ago (Edited 3097d ago )

Sonic 1 and Sonic 2 was what made me a gamer to this day!!! Love when the

Was said before the game, heart broken few games do this in this day.

stalepie3097d ago

I agree, great job on the music. I think the animation needs more effects at times (like when bouncing on Robotnik's car) but it would be really cool if SEGA picked this up and released it on PS4 and Steam.

Muadiib3097d ago

I much prefer the chip tune version of the music tbh, by a couple of minutes into it I was hating the sound of it already. Not bad job with HDing the game though.

pelenow3097d ago

Looks really good! SEGA should tap Studio MDHR to make a side scrolling Sonic game. Sonic would look awesome with that Cuphead aesthetic.

stalepie3097d ago

Looks awesome with this "airbrushed" aesthetic, too!

luckytrouble3097d ago

As cool as this is, I really, really wish people would consider more strongly where they share fan projects like this. The more public the venue, the far more likely it is that the wrong parties will hear about it, and then here comes the Cease and Desist notice and another project never seeing the light of day.

Of course, in general, I wish people doing fan projects like this would hold back on announcing anything until the finished project was ready. Get it into the wild where it's too late if somebody wants to C&D because regardless, backups will forever exist on one server or another.

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PhoenixUp2392d ago

It's really touching that the best official Sonic game in years will be one developed by dedicated fans

DivineAssault 2392d ago

This is an incredible turn of events for Sonic..


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