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An amazingly fun racing sim that can be fine-tuned to be challenging for both the beginner and the seasoned racing veteran. It's fun, addictive and also strikingly gorgeous.

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wesjanson991163d ago

Looks like a bang-up game. Racing simulator with great graphics, plenty of cars? Not quite Assetto Corsa level of physics, but looks awesome!

kaiserfranz1163d ago

Just wish Microsoft ported it on PC. Want it at 4K resolution and more than 60 frames per second!

GreenUp1163d ago Show
user99502791163d ago

I have long suspected one of the two Forza franchises will make the jump. I think FM6 will be on PC before long.

Plz dont attack me with axes, pure speculation on my part.

RiseofScorpio1163d ago (Edited 1163d ago )

Unlikely speculation. Its one of the three crown jewels, it ain't going nowhere, if you want an exclusive buy the console its on.

user99502791163d ago (Edited 1163d ago )

but then, you dont think Gears 4 will go to PC? isn't it one of the crown jewels? The remaster is going over. Phil says "more to come".

The wind is blowing in a different direction for MS', and that direction is multi-platform accessibility within the ecosystem. If former exclusives going to PC is disturbing to you, you might be in for a wild ride...

Of course, MS' will bring new exclusives to Xbox in its place if it does happen. Fresh blood, most likely.

I know this topic is bound to garner mass disagrees from the Xbox community, but as a primarily Xbox gamer I have no problem being forthcoming about it. The writing is on the wall at this point. I wouldnt let Sony fanboy dissent dissuade you from accepting what is ultimately good for our favorite franchises. More players, more money.

If there fear is that it will hurt Xbox somehow... completely unfounded.

FlexLuger1163d ago

All this port begging... tut tut.

4Sh0w1163d ago (Edited 1163d ago )

The demo was awesome, my wheel is on standby for the final release. Damm with Horizon2 and now this Ive been doing alot of racing...pfft I think Im ready to go pro, lol.

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ccgr1163d ago

My hubby loves these games will probably have to get this one for him too

Aurenar1163d ago

Simply must have for me.

DogDay1163d ago

I would love to have this on PC along with the HMCC and Halo 5. Then I wouldn't need my X1 in reality. Everything I play is on PC and at least my PS4 games I know will never hit PC along with my WiiU stuff.

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urwifeminder1163d ago

Only six days to go before it releases here stay clean on track .

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