Metal Gear Solid V - Throwing Digital Sheep Full Review

Offering players an open world with unparalleled player freedom and that quintessential Metal Gear charm, Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain is a game that should not be missed by anyone.

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spicelicka1136d ago

i think the game needs to be mine now

gangsta_red1136d ago (Edited 1136d ago )

I agree...Witcher 3 has my attention, Until Dawn was a great diversion and next is Batman and then Fallout 4. The back catalog is getting way full.

First world problems right...

Scatpants1136d ago

I like Witcher 3 more than this game but this one is pretty great too. Witcher felt like more of a story and an adventure and this feels like doing a list of objectives. Still great though, the systems all work very well and you have infinite options how you do the missions it just feels kind of dry to me. 8.5/10

Timesplitter141136d ago (Edited 1136d ago )

Witcher 3 clearly has a better-constructed world and a more interactive story. But I prefer playing MGS5. Gameplay in MGS5 is like a sandbox of limitless opportunities, whereas Witcher 3's gameplay feels more like just a tool to unlock story with. The story is good, though. They're both amazing games that blow most other games out of the water.

I have to agree with the fact that MGS5's world feels a bit dry, though. It's an open world that doesn't actually "feel" open, mostly because there's never any real reason to travel from one location to another by land. You just drop into a mission area and get extracted

Neixus1136d ago

The game is based on the fact you create a ''free army'' that takes job offers from anyone. Ofcourse some of the missions only feels like objectives, meanwhile the story missions feels different.

Scatpants1136d ago

The problem is 85% of the game feels that way.

Neixus1136d ago


It doesn't if you listen to the tapes, or pay attention to the story.