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Jo from GamersFTW writes: 'Almightree The Last Dreamer is a wonderful platform puzzle game. The gameplay may seem simple, but with each level there is an added element to make it more challenging. The story makes sense and it looks great. Overall, it is an enjoyable game to play with funky and atmospheric music to go with it.'

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GamerGabs1162d ago

An enjoyable review to read and a game that sounds worth a look.

HRD_Games1162d ago

Great review. I gave this a go on Android, and was really impressed. Visually and audibly, it's fantastic. Very interesting concept done pretty well.

Skellytorx1162d ago

Nice informative review!

Yukes1162d ago

It's just a shame the platform puzzle genre is so saturated now, because little gems like this will probably get overlooked by the majority.