GamersTM: Geometry Wars 2 Review

GamerTM writes: "As the sequel to one of the flagship XBLA titles, it should come as little surprise that this retro-inspired follow-up should be chosen by Microsoft to head up its Summer Of Arcade campaign. The series represents everything the casual, affordable downloadable games service stands for, a point proven by the widespread popularity of the original Retro Evolved. But in order to try and grow this user base even more, it could be argued that Bizarre has taken a step too far away from the elements that made the first game such a classic. We'd argue, though, that through its variety and ingenuity, Retro Evolved 2 is surprisingly different for something that is in almost every way the same.

Where Retro Evolved was but one game (two if you count the inclusion of the lo-res original which nobody played), its sequel manages to be six separate games at once. Evolved is your classic mode, with Deadline being a shrunken version with a three-minute time limit rather than lives, a bit like playing the trial version if you will. PGR4 fans will recognize Waves, where lines of enemies swoop in for an instant adrenaline rush, but the other three are where the real fun is. King sees protective bubbles spawn about the arena – which disappear after a few seconds but they're the only place your weapons work – while Sequence is twenty set levels of your worst geometric nightmares to clear in succession. But its Pacifist that had us most hooked, where your guns are disabled and the only way to rack up points is to break through gates while narrowly avoiding hundreds of enemies. But even with the more traditional modes, this isn't entirely Geometry Wars as we know it."

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