GamerTM: Soul Calibur IV Review - Blades of glory

GamerTM writes: "'Is that all this game is?' asks a voice from behind us. It's Amy 19, Yoshimitsu 7 at this point and even after 26 five-round matches, our weary combatants show no sign of giving up. We contemplate that question between us as Amy lands an elegant flurry of blows to secure her twentieth win before looking round – taking our minds off the action for the first time in a good hour – and delivering an answer. "Yes, yes I suppose it is."

Like so many other beat-'em-ups, Soul Calibur IV is a game purely about hitting the other person more than they hit you. And given the broad scope of so many of today's finest games, it's not difficult to see why the untrained eye should expect there to be more to it than that. Sure, there's a story of sorts binding the whole thing together. There are a decent number of different modes too as well as a wealth of character creation and customization options. But despite all this the focus, nay soul, of the game lies purely in the glory and exhilaration of weapon-based combat. And that's exactly what we want from a Soul Calibur game."

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