10 Memorable Video Game Villains of the ‘90s

Kelly from GamersFTW says:

Having played on a variety of consoles throughout my childhood, video games in the ‘90s were a big part of my life and there was one thing that tested me more than anything – those evil final bosses. After going through several of emotions of rage, exhaustion and a feeling of defeat it was definitely the bad guys that made my video game experience as a kid that more memorable.

So here are my top 10 memorable video game villains of the ‘90s:

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MrsNesbitt1162d ago

There are so many; one of mine is Gruntilda from Banjo Kazooie!

HRD_Games1162d ago

Ah, that iconic villain of bear and birds,
The evil witch and her rhyming words!

Yukes1162d ago

That moment when Ganon's tower collapses on the stricken villain, only for Ganon in best form to burst from the rubble swinging those wicked blades. Epic Ocarina of Time moment in an epic game :)

Maple221162d ago

Oh the memories of Crash Bandicoot... Good old Dr Cortex, I just think he was a misunderstood genius! Great list though.

Skellytorx1162d ago

It was hard to narrow it down to 10. Took me a while!

GamerGabs1162d ago

Nice list with a good amount of variety. Gotta love the classics with good old Bowser and Eggman. xD

Skellytorx1162d ago

Thank you :) couldn't leave out the Sega and Nintendo greats!

HRD_Games1162d ago

Such a nostalgia rush reading this, especially for number 1's evil laugh!

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